US Corona Virus News: Moderna vaccine distribution to begin today as corona virus cases continue to rise

In the middle of the holiday season, cases are on the rise More than 17.8 million Since the outbreak of the epidemic, 317,668 people have been killed by the virus Data from Johns Hopkins University. It will take months for the vast U.S. public to receive priority vaccines for health workers and long-term care patients, but health officials are working to distribute 20 million people by the first week of January, Assistant Secretary of Health Admiral Brett Groer said. ABC.

“This is a truly incredible achievement,” Dr Amanda Cohn, executive secretary of the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices, told a committee meeting on Sunday. “We hope they will continue to increase production, as well as have new products early next year.”

But as the United States waits for more people to be vaccinated, they will have to fight off resistance during the winter holidays.

On Fridays and Saturdays, more than a million Americans walked through airport security checkpoints – the first since the outbreak. Cases have increased after Thanksgiving trips and meetings, and experts may be alarmed by the recurrence of Christmas behavior.

Gov. Bill Lee said Sunday that another uprising like this is something Tennessee cannot tolerate.

“Tennysons have two weapons that should be used over the next 30 days: assemble and wear a mask only with your family,” Lee said.

Illinois approaches 1 million cases

During the unprecedented corona virus outbreak, three states crossed the acute threshold of more than a million cases: California, Texas and Florida.

With more than 900,000 cases since the outbreak began, on Sunday, Illinois was one step closer to joining that list, the Department of Public Health said in a news release.

New York, once the epicenter of the epidemic in the United States, hopes to quell their own uprising. Gareth Rhodes, special adviser to the state financial services department, told a news conference Friday that long-term care facilities in the state will begin receiving vaccines starting Monday.

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Across the state, 618 long-term care facilities provide immunizations to residents and staff for having staff with CVS and Walcreens, Rhodes said.

New Jersey Health Commissioner Judy Percicilli said New Jersey will deliver its nursing home vaccinations on Dec. 28 because state officials have missed the federal deadline for registering their facilities.

“Starting on the 21st, there was a deadline of 7 to enter all registered skilled nursing facilities, long-term care facilities, and assisted living facilities, of which more than 650 were in one day,” he said, citing the amount of information needed to enter.

Slavy believes vaccines will be more effective after the virus variant

With both the Pfizer / Bioendech vaccine and the Modern vaccine showing approximately 95% efficacy in clinical trials, there is growing concern about whether vaccines will work on newer strains of the corona virus – which is spreading across the UK.

Top health officials say they are not yet aware of this variation and want to mitigate its spread The list of emerging countries has blocked travel from the UK, including Canada, Argentina, Israel, Germany and France.

U.S. military scientists study New England corona virus variant to see if it is resistant to the vaccine

A scientist at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research is exploring this variation and hopes to find out in the next few days if there is concern that vaccines may not work against it.

But “until now, I don’t think there was a variant that resisted the vaccine,” Slavy laments. “We can’t rule it out, but it’s not now.”

Corona said the virus may be subject to novel variation. But important features of the virus, such as the spike protein involved in a vaccine, are very specific to the corona virus novel, and they are unlikely to change much.

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“Because vaccines use antibodies against different parts of the spike protein, I think they are all less likely to change,” Slavy said.

Correction: Previous version and title of this story Assistant Secretary of Health Admiral Brett Giorior misrepresented comments on vaccine distribution. Health officials are working to keep adequate supplies for the 20 million people who will be delivered by the first week of January. He did not promise that 20 million people would be vaccinated by that time.

CNN’s Virginia Longmaid, Raja Rasek, Pete Mundin, Jacqueline Howard, Melissa Alonso, Holly Silverman, Naomi Thomas and Gisela Crespo all contributed to the report.

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