US-China conflict. Biden, like Trump, wants to defeat China, but in different ways. Who will enjoy all this?

The time has come to capture the first 100 days of Biden’s presidency. It is not as different from its predecessors as it seems. Biden is still confident that he will win the technological war against China, even after 100 days as president. Paradoxically, in this context, he would pursue a policy similar to that of Trump, but would enrich it with multiple elements, namely cooperation with European allies or strengthening domestic innovations. However, these alliances are crucial if the US president thinks he should be a rival to China.

Biden management has maintained some of the restrictions imposed on Chinese companies under its predecessors

Thanks to Hawaii’s blockchain, Americans are still successfully disconnecting the Chinese from semiconductors. While Biden adhered to these principles, he also announced a policy that would stimulate American innovation. Emily de la Brewer, co-founder of Horizon Advisory, a consulting firm, believes the Trump administration has focused on military investment, but early signals from Biden suggest that the current administration is linking them to more offensive or effective investments. In his major employment plan, Biden calls on Congress to invest $ 180 billion in meager development.

Earlier this month, a number of Democrats and Republicans re-introduced the Infinite Boundary Act into the legislature.

Within its framework, the legislature proposes to change the name of the American National Science Foundation (NSF) to the National Science and Technology Foundation (NSTF). The revamped division is expected to create a technology company that will receive $ 100 billion over five years, “to renew America’s leadership in discovering and applying key technologies that define global competitiveness.” Artificial intelligence, semiconductors, robotics, materials science or advanced communication technologies that fund research in 10 key sectors including the company.

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Another very important issue is semiconductors

These components are important for the operation of many devices. The original goal of the Americans was to fill the gaps, but the long-term goal is to increase the semiconductor production capacity of the United States and bring it to the United States, as it has largely moved to Asia, especially Taiwan and South Korea. Biden has already signed the relevant regulations to accomplish this task. As part of this process, the US company Intel (INTC) Announced last month that it plans to spend $ 20 billion to build two new factories.

A point that differs from Trump,

Is multifaceted. Earlier this month, Biden and Japanese Prime Minister Suu Kyi announced that the United States and Japan would work together to develop research and development in areas such as artificial intelligence and biotechnology. Officials said part of the cooperation was concerned with supply chains, including semiconductors, and the development and protection of critical technologies necessary for security. Biden will meet with South Korean President Moon Jae-in in Washington next month. Semiconductors are expected to be the topic of conversation.

Japan and

And key areas of South Korea’s semiconductor supply chain and other key technology areas, including next-generation 5G robots and mobile networks. However, the rivalry between the United States and China is technical and ideological – trying to convince the world that the United States has a better deal. What does China say? Beijing has stated in its five-year development plan that it will “develop science and technology and the ability to develop itself as a strategic pillar of the country’s development.” The project aims to intensify research in seven key areas, from quantum computing to semiconductors, which China also considers important. Meanwhile, China is also seeking to play a greater role in developing its own global standards that support the development of future technologies.

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