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Updates related to Elite Season 5: Cast, Release Date, Plot, And A Lot More

Updates related to Elite Season 5: Cast, Release Date, Plot, And A Lot More

The Netflix series created by Carlos Montero and Dario Madrona is popularly known as Elite. It is a Spanish Thriller teen television series. The series is from Las Encinas which is a fictional famous secondary school. The series revolves around wealthy classmates and three working-class students who took admission through scholarship. The teen drama which happens in an elite school is highlighted in the show. Also, the plot includes various sexual themes, a lot of mystical elements.

The first season was released back in 2018 and received a huge amount of love from audiences and also got reviews from critics. After that, they come up with another season Elite Season 2 in September 2019. The third season was aired in March 2020 and the fourth one had released recently on 18 June 2021. Netflix had already declared its fifth season before the release of the fourth season.
Now people are eagerly waiting for the fifth season which is expected to release in 2022.

The cast of the series is prominent. They had worked in many of Netflix’s shows.

What will be the plot of Elite Season 5?

The Elite is one of the famous series because of its plot only. Every episode is filled with mysteries. Each season brings something new which interests audiences a lot. In the first season, the most exclusive school of Spanish was introduced where students from the working class took admission. The name of those three students was Samuel, Nadia, and Christain. In this season Marina’s murder was shown. The second season came up with the mystery of where Samuel disappeared. Then three students joined the school having a dark past. Then the season 3 returned where students entered their last semester and Polo also died. In the recent season that is season 4, there is the arrival of new principals and their kids named Ari, Patrick, and Mencia. Samuel in the end was running to the airport to stop Carla from going to London. Some disagreements lead to multiple voice messages as they both were trying to figure out what to do.

Now the plot of season 5 is not revealed but we all can expect Elite Season 5 will be based on all the leftover nail-biters.

Who will be cast in Elite season 5?

All the prominent actors who are coming back in Elite Season 5 are:

Samuel will be enacted by Itzan Escamilla.
Omar Ayuso will play Omar
Ari will be played by Carla Diaz
Mencia will be played by Martina Cariddi
Benjamin will be played by Diego
Cayetan will be enacted by Georgina Amoros.
Patrick will be played by Manu Rios
Rebe will be played by Claudia Salas

With the announcement of the new season, Netflix also declared that new members will be added to the cast their names are as follows:

Valentina Zenere is one of the Argentinean actresses who will act as Sofia. Valentina also worked in various TV Shows such as Casi Angeles, Soy Luna, and many more.
The role of Gonzalo will be played by eminent Brazilian Andre Lamoglia. He had enacted the role of Rafael Smor in the show Juacas and many more.
The other one is a French actor named Adam Nourou will also be seen in Elite. He himself posted on Instagram that he will be joining the Elite in the fifth season.his post was further reposted on the official Instagram handle of the Elite.


All the information mentioned above is gathered from authentic sources and we will try to come up with more updated information. As soon as we will receive any update we will deliver it to you. Hope many of your questions are answered.

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