United States. Trump's chief of staff pressured the judiciary to investigate unsubstantiated election fraud allegations

The U.S. newspaper published five & # 39; emails & # 39; dated December 2020 and January 2021. Approached, which was exchanged between Meadows and later U.S. Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen, which shows the leader of the staff being asked to investigate various theories of election fraud spreading on social networks.

The inquest heard allegations that voting machines in the November presidential election were remotely controlled by military technology and that they were responsible for converting Trump's votes in favor of Biden.

The New York Times reported that the attorney general had refused to investigate the "fraudulent emails" provided by Meadows for "emails" and those close to Rosen.

FBI agents were also told to & # 39; go online & # 39; in support of the Italian doctrine of electoral fraud known as "Italygate". One of the communications revealed that Rosen refused to facilitate a meeting between the person who posted the videos.

In addition to the alleged pressure on Rosen, Meadows was also involved in a call between Trump and Georgia's Secretary of State Brad Rafensberger, in which the former president asked him to find evidence of alleged fraud in the state.

Sources in the newspaper said Rosen was in talks with the judiciary to talk about pressure on the judiciary to investigate the election irregularities pointed out by Trump, but no evidence was available.

& # 39; Emails & # 39; Is a model of efforts by the former president and his allies to find ways to overturn or overturn the November 2020 election results while restricting government in the final weeks of his term.

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