May 10, 2021

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United States. The CIA is investigating “unexplained health incidents” near the White House. They resemble Hawaiian syndrome | World News

Unexplained health incidents investigated for so-called. Two U.S. officers working in the area Washington The White House experienced sudden symptoms similar to the Havana syndrome experienced by American diplomats Spies In 2016 in Cuba.

Symptoms of Havana syndrome include dizziness, insomnia, nausea, memory loss and even permanent brain damage. Sonic weapon caused by their absorption (lower frequency than audible).

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“Spy Game” – that is, Benedict Cumberbatch tries to prevent the Cuban crisis during the Cold War [ZWIASTUN]

Targeted energy attacks near the White House – an investigation is underway

As announced “DefenderÔÇťAnother investigation has been launched into Havana syndrome as incidents Together However, some confusing events took place in the United States. One case took place in the White House, more precisely the so-called Ellipse, which is a large meadow south of the residence. An official of the National Security Council in the area suddenly fell ill.

The second incident took place in Arlington, a suburb of Washington. In 2019, a White House clerk was walking a dog when a man emerged from a van he had parked. After a few minutes her pet began to behave strangely and actively – the woman also began to feel a strong ringing in the ears, headache and tingling sensation on the side of the face.

– Priority to the health and well-being of U.S. government officials President BidenA. We take all reports of health incidents of our employees very seriously – he told the portal Jen Zaki, White House spokesman.

If this changed, the CIA set up a task force in December 2020, and the new CIA director, William Burns, appointed a special officer to coordinate care for the victims and investigate the sources of the attacks.

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The White House works closely with government departments and agencies to address unexplained health events and ensure the safety of Americans serving their country around the world. A White House spokesman said: “We are still evaluating the incidents and we need to protect the privacy of the victims, so no other details can be provided at this time.

A wave of mysterious brain injuries, or Havana syndrome

In 2016, there were chaotic incidents in Cuba, resulting in brain injuries. The National Scientists Academy concluded that sonic weapons (less than audible) could cause dizziness, insomnia, nausea, memory loss and permanent brain damage. Doctors State Department staff said the brain scans of 21 people did not identify structural changes in the brain or linked to any known disorder.

In August 2017, U.S. officials decided that some of the staff at the U.S. Embassy in Havana would leave Cuba. U.S. Diplomatic staff in Russia, China Similar, unexplained incidents have been reported. Although there is no consensus on what causes the symptoms, a foreign-funded study has found that, above all, they may be the result of microwave energy attacks.