UFC Athlete Jessica Pat-Estoka is a tournament champion in the United States; Check it out – 05/17/2021

Raul Baslio was the highlight of the GP under 80kg in the submission circus. The Almeida Jiu-Jitsu team won the black belt last Saturday (15), the belt of the cropping event organized by Thunder Fight. By beating Walter Drago (Revira Black Team), Leonardo Domingos (Damien Mia Jiu-Jitsu) and finalist Point Torreto (Team Alpha Male), the tough guy had to make three fights to win the match.

One of the innovations of this event is the Dononada Challenge, where each team consists of five athletes, with a total limit of 500 kg per team. Along with Team Thunder, Eduardo Comet, Jilton Malhatinho, Athos Alexandre and Alison Sonega, the team was the winner over the Alpha Male, with participants Diego Hannibal, Kyo Borelho, Luis Felipe Dias and Alexandra Hoffman. The highlight was Jailton Malhatinho, who knocked down four opponents and turned the game in favor of Team Thunder, which was losing controversy.

Another novelty was the fight in the MMA x Jiu-Jitsu pairs, with two MMA athletes: Maria Oliveira and Myra Amanajas (former rival series athletes) facing Cicero Costa, Michael Damaceno and Clise Acevedo. After a controversial fight, Michael almost submitted to MMA athlete Miara Amanajaz, and the confrontation ended in a draw.

International Challenge Brazil x In Russia, Brazilian Clarissa Knapp defeated Russian Olia Klochkova to give Brazil victory in the conflict. Submission Circus hosted two events simultaneously, one in Brazil, one in Sவோo Paulo, and the other in Sacramento, California.

In the Sacramento edition, the highlight was the super fight between Jessica Pat-Estoka and Courtney Dubois, with the American overtime win (overtime). The UFC flyweight athlete also returned the next day to compete in the full division, where he was crowned champion.

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