U.S. The National Guard leaves Capitol Hill after five months

The Capitol building in Washington, the birthplace of the United States Congress, is no longer under US protection. The U.S. National Guard, after a five-month warning against violent threats from far-right.

President Joe Biden welcomed the fact that the last 2,149 soldiers, out of an army of 26,000 troops, left Washington over the weekend after formally completing their mission to defend Congress.

"We would like to express our heartfelt and deepest gratitude to the men and women of the National Guard for ensuring the safety of the United States Capitol for almost five months," Joe Biden said in a statement.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin stressed that the soldiers "protected not only the (capital) facilities, but also the elected officials working there, thus ensuring that people's affairs proceed unhindered."


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The Capitol has been under heavy security since January 6 with thousands of supporters Donald Trump, after one of his speeches, attacked the building and sowed chaos when Joe Biden testified to his election victory.

Five people, including a Capitol policeman, were killed in clashes between the invaders and police forces.

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