U.S. hurricane control says Ana turned into a tropical storm

Tropical storm Ana is developing in the Atlantic northeast of Bermuda
Photo: CNN

The U.S. National Hurricane Center (NHC) said Sunday that Ana, the first name of the season, has been transformed into a "tropical storm." Previously, this phenomenon was classified as a subtropical storm.

The system is located about 340 miles (545 km) northeast of Bermuda, with a maximum wind speed of 45 miles (75 km / h).

According to the NHC, a tropical storm has the characteristics of a tropical storm, but it does not depend on hot water temperature to feed its growth.

So, now, Ana has changed her characteristics and depends on the temperature of the hot water.

The hurricane season in the Atlantic Ocean officially begins on June 1st. When the Ana system is formed, a storm with a name for the seventh year in a row precedes planning.

Ana is also unique because the storm appeared in the Atlantic, which usually does not see the formation of tropical cyclones in May. Typically, hurricanes develop during this month in the eastern Gulf of Mexico, the western Caribbean Sea, or near the southeastern coast of the United States.

With information from CNN's Haley Pring

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