U.S. Corona virus: With US inches close to 350,000 Govt-19 deaths, more than 115,000 sample projects could die in the next four weeks

“We are concerned that at some point we will have a very difficult time finding a place and staff to take care of all the sick patients who come with Covit-19 who need our help soon,” the doctor said. Nicole van Croningen of Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles.

Friday’s dark case milestone means the country has recorded the highest number of Govt-19 infections so far. India – the country with the second highest number of cases – Brazil – the third country in the list – three times more than reported.

But the worst is yet to come: experts fear that in the coming weeks – following holiday trips and meetings – the United States could see another rise in cases that will exacerbate hospitals and deaths.

Dr Anthony Fucci told CNN earlier this week that “the country has now arrived … out of control” and that the coming weeks could be even worse.

“Once you get into trouble with a large number of people at dinner, bad air circulation and circulation,” he said. “We are worried about that – in addition to the uprising, we are going to get an increase on that uprising that makes January worse than December.”

“I think we need to consider that this is going to get worse,” Fucci added.

How states progress at the start of a new year

In Arkansas, government Asa Hutchinson said on Friday that more than 4,300 new cases had been reported in the state – adding that “there has been an upsurge after the Christmas trip and meetings.”

“As we enter this new year, our first resolution must be to follow the guidelines. We must all do our part.” He wrote on Twitter.

Georgia on Friday announced a total of more than 8,700 new Govt-19 cases in the state – a new high. On the same day Maryland announced its second-highest daily lawsuit. Meanwhile, New York added nearly 16,500 new cases – one day hitting its highest one-day case count.

“As we begin 2021, I urge all New Yorkers to see their best angels and follow the practices we know to stop the spread of this virus – wash your hands, socialize and wear a mask,” the statement said.

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Texas health officials have admitted more than 12,400 patients to the state-wide Govt-19 hospital for the fifth day in a row.

In California, A state that fights the brutal rise of new infections, hospitalizations and deaths, Health officials have recorded daily deaths: more than 580 lost to the virus.

ICU capacity is in critical condition in many parts of the state. In the valleys of Southern California and San Joaquin, zero beds are available. A health official said the rise in patients earlier this week was pushing hospitals “to the brink of disaster.”

California Hospitals & # 39; On the brink of disaster & # 39; By the rise of the corona virus

Some hospitals have infrastructure problems that prevent them from delivering a high-pressure supply of oxygen to patients.

The California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services said design and construction experts from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers are being sent to the Los Angeles area to “evaluate oxygen supply systems at six hospitals and improve where needed.”

Hospitals in the region are treating an “unprecedented” number of Kovit-19 patients, and “the internal oxygen delivery systems built into many older hospitals exceed the amount of oxygen flow needed to treat patients with respiratory problems. From Kovit-19.”

The test company said the virus variant was not widespread in the United States

As authorities across the country fight the spread of the virus, they are also monitoring a variation that was first detected in the UK, and they may be contagious. This variation has been found in at least 30 countries Found in Colorado, California And Florida.

Health officials in California said on Wednesday the 30-year-old San Diego man had tested positive for the UK variant. On Thursday, district health officials reported three new cases of variance to CNN in San Diego.

Here we know about the new corona virus variant found in the United States

“The discovery of additional cases leads district health officials to believe the community’s new strain of the virus is widespread,” a district spokesman said.

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New cases were found in two men in their 40s and one man in his 50s, officials said.

“The contact trace shows that the two men did not travel outside the district, and the third case has not yet been fully interviewed,” officials said. “None of the men had any contact with each other or other confirmed cases.”

According to some experts, this variant may be spreading in the United States, although what has been tested so far does not indicate that it is common across the country, according to genetic company Helix CNN.

Only four of the 31 models have changed in favor of the pattern of mutations first identified in the UK, Helix said. The genetic pattern was first captured by a test glitch that technicians call the S gene abandonment.

UK travel ban: These countries have imposed new restrictions

“We also know that other labs in the Northeast Sort S genetic fall samples have not found UK variation in their population,” Dr. James Le, co-founder and chairman of Helix, told CNN via email.

“We can’t say with confidence when the B.1.1.7 strain appeared in the United States,” Lu said. But this is not common, indicating that it has not been in circulation for a long time.

But America is not hard, Lu added.

“Currently, the United States ranks lower than many other countries – a recent report by GISAID estimates that the U.S. ranks 0.3% positive cases against the UK, compared to 7% against the UK.”

FUC: The United States will continue to give vaccine doses at weekly intervals

Meanwhile, Govt-19 vaccinations are ongoing, but not a Slower than some officers expected.
More than 12.4 million vaccines have been distributed nationwide, and more than 2.7 million have been distributed. According to the data From the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

So far, vaccines approved in the United States require two doses at intervals of a few weeks. Fassi told CNN on Friday that the nation will continue to do so and will not follow the UK decision to delay the second level.

A new year delay brings the same problems in vaccine distribution

“I will not support it,” Fucci said when asked about the UK’s new rule. “We’re going to continue to do what we do.”

Earlier this week, British officials said “The UK will make it a priority to give the first dose of the vaccine to those in the high-risk group,” he said, adding that the second dose would be allowed for up to 12 weeks.

The UK has adopted that strategy to deliver the first dose as quickly as possible to as many as possible, saying it provides some protection.

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“The truth is, we want to stick with what science tells us and the data we both have. [vaccines] Indicate that you are giving a Prime, followed by Pfizer at 21 days and Moderna at 28 days. Now, that’s what we’re going with, that’s the decision that was made, “said Fucci.

“We make decisions based on data. We don’t have the data to give a dose and wait longer than normal,” he said.

CNN’s Rebecca Rice, Alexandra Meeks, Elizabeth Cohen, Naomi Thomas, Cherie Mosberg, Raja Rasek and Andrea Diaz all contributed to the report.

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