U.S. Athletes Get Bitcoin Salary – Executive Digest

While this is still an unusual reality, some workers receive their wages in digital currency, including some athletes.

Since December last year, Russell Ogung, a player in the American Professional American Football League, has begun earning a portion of his salary in excess of 10 million euros in bitcoin. In a post on Twitter, the warning noted that it believes cryptocurrency is the “future” of the fund.

Along with Okun, athlete Sean Calkin also recently announced that he will be paying in digital currency, becoming the first player to receive his full salary in Bitcoin.

The Kansas City Chiefs player will receive his salary of over 755 thousand euros through the Job Strike site for fifteen weeks.

In April of this year, the Sacramento Kings announced a change in the payroll system of the basketball team, which offered the option of bitcoin.

According to ‘Forbes’, athletes transfer their salaries to the job platform created by Strike, which allows its users to pay in bitcoin through a bank account or debit card.

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