Twitter is already asking users for permission to collect data on iOS

With the arrival of iOS 14.5, Apple has redefined the rules for user data usage on its system. All applications must be authorized by users to collect and use this information.

This was not a peace process, and now another has finally joined. Twitter has a new update asking users for permission to collect and process user data. The purposes aren’t the best, but they’re pretty straightforward.

Apple's decision to limit access to user data has not been well accepted by the large companies with apps on iOS. They are used to getting all the information they want, which is something that has changed drastically.

All opposition has come from Facebook, but there are many others who definitely would prefer seeing this paradigm change. Free access gave a lot of information to be able to introduce users, something that has now fallen directly to the ground.

Version 8.65 of the Twitter for iOS app which Already present in the app storeShe now has the news that everyone was expecting. From this new version, users are asked to allow data collection on iOS.

In the submitted message, Twitter explains, in its own way, the reasons for collecting this data. He wants to ensure the users a better user experience, by providing relevant ads to the users, adjusted for the information they consume.

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When proceeding with this Twitter issue, users are directed to the area where they can authorize or deny access to data collection. Only after going through here can they access Twitter and all the information that is posted on this social network again.

This is another app that follows the path Apple now takes for programmers. They can only collect and process data with the express permission of these users, who can also change the configuration at any time and thus restore the anonymity that is always required.

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