Trump’s trip to the Scottish golf course was limited

LONDON – President Trump has not said where he plans to go after leaving the White House on January 20. But Mr. The Scottish leader made it clear on Tuesday that Trump would not be welcomed in his country.

Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon, under the newly imposed virus restrictions, bans everything except essential travel, saying the president cannot accept Trump’s visit to one of his Scottish golf resorts.

Mr. Rumors that Dump will leave for Scotland Joseph R. The day before Biden Jr. took office, on January 19, the U.S. military version of the Boeing 757 – sometimes Mr. As president.

Ms Sturgeon told reporters in Edinburgh, “It applies to him as much as it does to anyone else – and coming to play golf is not an essential purpose for me.” “

Mr. Ms Sturgeon, a casual-speaking politician, said she did not know what Trump’s travel plans were, but that he believed his immediate plan was to get out of the White House. On Monday, he imposed a lockout in Scotland, which, like the UK, is fighting the rise of corona virus cases as the new variant spreads rapidly.

Under the new rules, people will have to stay home and work from there as much as possible. Places of worship are closed, and schools are run by distance learning. Scotland has often moved faster and higher than the UK to impose restrictions during epidemics.

The White House initially declined to comment on the report, which was first published in Scotland Sunday Post Paper, But later denied it.

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“It’s not accurate,” Press Secretary Kaylee McCann said Tuesday. “President Trump has no plans to go to Scotland.”

Two White House officials, Mr. Although there is no definitive discussion of what Trump will do on January 20, they do not believe he is considering Scotland because he is so focused on trying to overturn the election results.

Mr. Trump has owned the Turnbury Resort since 2014 and has long thought it would be an escape. In November 2016, according to former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci, he had planned to fly to the resort if he lost the presidential race to Hillary Clinton, as expected. President of Russia Vladimir V. In July 2018, before flying to Helsinki, Finland to meet with Putin, Mr Trump played golf for two days during a trip to Britain.

Mr. Turnberry is the most valuable golf course in Trump’s portfolio. But Mr. Trump is the most unpopular in Britain, and even after the $ 150 million renewal, the course continues to lose money, and the president is determined to keep up with it.

Last summer, US Ambassador to Britain Robert Wood Johnson IV inspected the Turnberry Told colleagues Mr. Trump asked if the British government could take the British Open golf tournament to its affiliates.

Mr. A close friend of Trump, Mr. Johnson raised the issue with then – Scottish Secretary of State David Mundel, according to Louis A., a former vice president at the embassy in London. Lukens said. Mr. Acting Ambassador before Johnson’s arrival.

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Turnberry also attracted attention When the Pentagon agreed At the nearby Glasgow Brestwick Airport it was on strike overnight when it sent troops to the resort, the same airport where Scottish media announced plans for the January 19 757 government visit, citing airport sources.

Mr. Mr. Trump. Biden has not yet agreed to an election and has not said much about what he planned to do after leaving the White House. He left his Palm Beach, Fla., Estate, Mar-e-Lago and returned to the White House on New Year’s Day, avoiding the traditional feast in the garden ballroom.

These days, Mr. Trump is trying to overturn the election results. Focusing on unsubstantiated allegations of widespread vote fraud, he made little comment on the epidemic.

However, in Scotland, Mr. Trump will find a country that will be consumed in the war against the virus. Ms Sturgeon’s decision to impose a lockout on Monday hastened Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s decision to bring the whole of England into a similar lockout later in the day. Under the terms of self-government defined in the United Kingdom, Scottish authorities are responsible for public health.

Mr. Mr. Trump was raised to be a like-minded populist. Unlike Johnson, the leader of the Scottish National Party, Mrs. Sturgeon, is Mr. He never secretly expressed his views on Trump.

On Friday after the election, Mr. When Biden appeared to be on the verge of victory, he tweeted, “The world could be a dark place nowadays – but today we see a gap in the clouds.”

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Mark Landler from London and Maggie Heberman from New York reported.

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