Top 7 Financial Development Books Every Student Should Read


Financial development books do what the name implies; they help you develop financially and improve your money management. You must learn the basics of personal finance management so you’re smarter with how you handle money. Beyond this, you can also learn how to manage, invest, save for retirement, or manage a mortgage, and ultimately, you’ll be able to overcome some financial pitfalls for a healthy relationship with money. Here are seven financial development books you should read.

Why didn’t they teach me this in school?

If you survey to ask people what they wish they were taught in school, you’ll probably hear more of them say “money.” Most people will be more specific about how to handle their finance properly. This is where this book comes in.

This book by Cary Siegel, a former business executive, has eight lessons you weren’t taught in college or high school. It also breaks the book down into 99 principles.

The author intended to write this book for his children after realizing they didn’t learn some crucial personal finance principles before entering the real world. However, the book became well-reviewed, full of several money lessons with first-hand advice and experience from Siegel. This book is good for new grads and people looking to kick-start their financial journey the right way.

Rich Dad Poor Dad

This is a popular book, and you’ve probably heard about it. This book is around two decades old but has stuck around for so long. In this all-timer finance book, Kiyosaki shares everything he learned about finance from his father and friend’s father. The former is a poor dad, while the latter is a rich dad.

One of the lessons in this book is that you don’t need to have plenty of money to be rich. It also explains liabilities and assets and why schools fail to teach their kids everything they need to learn about personal finance. The 20th-anniversary edition of the book includes some updates from the author about money, investing, and the economy.

The Total Money Makeover

Your financial state is very often a result of your ability to manage debt. You will likely have a stronger financial condition if you manage debt properly. So, this book by Dave Ramsey gives you all the help you need with debt management. This New York Times bestselling book teaches how to get out of debt. It also includes tips to help you improve your financial situation, such as using credit, cash advances, and rent-to-own. You also get solid advice to save for college or retirement, start an emergency fund, and use his Snowball tactics to pay off debt.

Money: Master The Game

This book, by Tony Robbins, explains seven steps for financial freedom based on some of the ideas from the biggest billionaire investors in the world. The author put so much work into interviewing some of the world’s richest investors and gathering their tips for financial freedom.

This book is a result of ten years of research spurred by the 2008 financial crisis. The goal is so that ordinary people can secure their future financially. Billionaires like Warren Buffet, Ray Dalio, and Jack Bogle were interviewed, and the book includes some of their best strategies.

Money: Master The Game talks about everything from saving tips to mindset change and asset allocation.

The Automatic Millionaire

Everyone wants to be a millionaire, even though it’s not going to happen to everyone. Only the few that learn the tips, tricks and tactics to become millionaires will make it, and this book provides that. The level of quality you get in this book is what students get from an essay writing service and other dissertation services when they outsource it.

This bestselling book starts with a story about a couple earning a combined $55,000 annually but going on to achieve their financial dreams. They became owners of two homes, put their children through university, and retired at 55 with $1 million in their accounts.

You’re probably curious about how they achieved this, right? The secret is to set up a financial system that’s automatic and also pays you first.

The Barefoot Investor

This book by Scott Pape is a guide to being in charge of your finance. It offers a simple system that helps you to live in the present, eliminate debt, and retire in peace.

The author has made his name as the most trusted financial expert in Australia, with over 1000000 copies of his book already being sold. Although he spent most of his childhood on the farm, he tried trading stocks to get rich but failed. He returned to the farm and used this simple life metaphorically to describe money management. With this book, you can control your finances in three phases: plant your money, grow and harvest it. The book also includes tips and advice excellent for beginners.

Broke Millennial

If you understand the hashtag #GYFLT, it’s a prompt to get your personal finance right. This book helps you achieve this. In social media, GYFLT means “get your financial life together.” You’ll know this if you’re a millennial.

This finance book by Erin Lowry explains how people in their 20s struggle to get their finances in order and offers helpful tips for this demographic. You get ideas from managing student loans to how you relate to money, sharing your financial details with your partner, and so on. Many of the challenges that millennials face in the world today are covered in this book.


The content of these books is some of the best you’ll get on financial management. If you can, you should read all of them.