Tom Cruise’s biggest box office hit, Top Gun: Maverick, passes $800 Million


Since the release of the first “Top Gun,” Tom Cruise has been a mainstay at the box office, bringing his career total to almost 40 years at this point. Now, after all of these years have passed, “Top Gun: Maverick” has done the unthinkable and become a global smash hit as well as a critical darling, bringing joy to critics as well as audiences everywhere throughout the globe. To such an extent that, astonishingly enough, it has now become the most successful film that Cruise has ever produced in his whole career.

The highest-grossing film of all time by Tom Cruise

According to The Hollywood Reporter, “Top Gun: Maverick” has grossed a grand total of $806.3 million across the globe, comprised of $422.1 million gained in the United States and $384.2 million earned in other countries.

It has now officially surpassed the gross of “Mission: Impossible – Fallout,” which was $791 million in 2018, making it Tom Cruise’s highest-grossing picture of all time. That does not take into account inflation, but even so, it is well worth pointing out that “Maverick” has managed to do this in just three weeks, which indicates that it still has a lot of runway left and should easily cross the $1 billion mark before everything is said and done.

The film “War of the Worlds” had a record-breaking domestic gross of $234 million when it was released, however that record has since been surpassed by another Cruise film. The only thing left to do now is wait and see how far this sequel can go, and whether or not it will be able to enter the $1 billion club even though it will not be released in China or Russia. At this point, it seems as though nothing is impossible.

A swift and pleasant surprise

When one looks at these data and does some rapid reflection on them, there is a great deal to discuss. The fact that the sequel to “Top Gun,” the movie that established Tom Cruise as a movie star for all time, is now the movie that is helping him cross box office milestones off his bucket list, including making $100 million in its first weekend of release for the first time in his career is kind of poetic in a way. However, more than anything else, it is a lesson in blockbuster narrative for other studios out there that are looking to capitalise on the good reputation of an existing property.

Joseph Kosinski, Tom Cruise, and Paramount Pictures made a blockbuster movie

The fact of the matter is that director Joseph Kosinski, Tom Cruise, and Paramount Pictures collaborated to create a phenomenally entertaining blockbuster film that absolutely must be witnessed in a movie theatre. The movie is making more progress than anyone anticipated thanks to positive word of mouth. A sequel to “Top Gun” was always something that felt like it could be a movie that made some money. What about this? It was quite unlikely that anyone anticipated that it would have a genuine chance of being the highest-grossing movie of 2022 overall, let alone having a significant impact on Cruise’s impressive career. Create something that is interesting to watch, and people will come to see it.

Hollywood intensified its pandemic efforts

Theatrical releases are not only still viable, but they also offer a clear path to profitability in a way that streaming cannot. This is true despite the fact that Hollywood increased their efforts in that department during the pandemic. Streaming is unable to compete with the viability of theatrical releases. This movie is demonstrating that studios should rethink their policies, particularly with regard to how much importance they place on streaming services.