Tokyo Ghoul is one of the most well-known anime series of all time. While the first two seasons of the program were highly lauded, the third season got mixed reviews from fans throughout the world. Some fans are so disappointed that they simply want the fourth season (or fifth season, depending on how you define the two halves of the third season) to begin as soon as possible so that they can forget the incredibly gloomy ending of season 3. Others have something to say about it as well.

‘Tokyo Ghoul:re’ concluded with Haise Sasaki confronting Tsukiyama and Kanae. By the conclusion, Sasaki has finally remembered his actual identity, and what follows is a violent struggle that has left many fans unhappy.

For those who are unfamiliar with ‘Tokyo Ghoul,’ it is an anime series produced by Sui Ishida. It focuses around Ken Kaneki, a regular high school student with an everyday existence. But everything changes when he goes on a date with a disguised ghoul and survives. When he wakes up the next day, he finds he has transformed into a ghoul – a flesh-eating cannibal who disguises himself as a human — all because of a procedure in which his organs were implanted from the ghoul who tried to devour him. He is subsequently taken in by a Ghoul society in a local café, where he is helped to live a somewhat normal life among humans without harming them.

Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 Plot

Season 3 begins with Ken Kaneki suffering from amnesia, which causes him to forget much of his history. For the time being, he is a completely new character named Haise Sasaki who serves as a key member of the CCG. Day by day, memories of his old life return to him, and all the memories that the CCG had altered gradually begin to kick in to help him make sense of all he is surrounded by. Arima Kishou and Akira Mado, two prominent specialists of the Commission of Counter Ghoul, tutor Haise.

They head a group of men who work for the Quinx Project, which transforms individuals into half-ghouls by transferring organs from genuine ghouls into them. The main goal is to build unbreakable human robots capable of annihilating ghouls. These half-ghouls have a Kagune (ghoul’s weapon) that is a natural part of them, and the CCG provides them with another Kagune.

Kaneki’s old pals seem to be well conscious of his identity issue and are attempting to save him from the wrath of the CCG, which they call “Dope.” Touka Kirishima, a member of the Haise squad, has a younger brother named Ayato who works for the ghoul-run criminal organization Aogiri Tree. Every day, he risks his life here to safeguard his sister from these flesh-hungry creatures. Eto Yoshimura, an SS-rated ghoul, launches an attack against the CCG and the Aogiri Tree to utterly destroy it. Haise Sasaki enters the conflict with his Quinx squad, while the Antaiku gang views this as a chance to free Ken Kaneki from the CCG.

Sometimes during the struggle, Haise begins retrieving his prior consciousness as Ken Kaneki and transforms into a whole new person with memories of both his previous life and the one he is presently experiencing. He defeats the one-eyed ghoul, who is thereafter imprisoned by the CCG, by the end of this encounter.

However, amid this violent conflict, Kaneki’s sister Hinami Fugeguchi is apprehended and imprisoned by the CCG for fighting against them during their combat with the ghouls. Now that Haise’s memories as Kaneki have returned, he recalls Himani and what she means to him. He accepts the duty of safeguarding her while she is in CCG custody. This very much sums up the third season, which was split into two halves. Was this season the series’ make-or-break? To discover out, read our review below.

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Why Was Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 A Mild Spinoff?

Tokyo Ghoul is inspired on Sui Ishida’s anime and follows a youngster called Ken Kaneki. Following a date, Ken is assaulted by a ghoul, a monster who consumes humans. He lives, but must adjust to life as a half-man, half-ghoul, which includes desires for meat. The first season premiered in 2014, and the show’s appealing lead characters, brutal action, and well-paced plot helped it gain a devoted fan base. Unfortunately, the next series, Tokyo Ghoul A, proved to be a disappointment to many, with the plot having significant changes from the original material – which Sui Ishida authorized – and concluding on a terrible note.

The public reacted strongly to Tokyo Ghoul A, therefore the third season of Tokyo Ghoul:re made several changes. Based on the sequel manga, this season featured a character named Haise Sasaki, who works for the Commission of Counter Ghoul (CCG) and is half-ghoul himself. Sasaki and his crew are entrusted with tracking down and murdering ghouls, but the main surprise is that Haise is actually Ken Kaneki. What confuses audiences who have just seen the second season of Tokyo Ghoul:re is that it does not appear to accept the tale of A, and there’s a simple explanation for this: it’s no longer canon.

Tokyo Ghoul:re is both an adaptation of the sequel manga and a continuation of the anime’s first season, with Tokyo Ghoul A being disregarded. Season 2’s departure from Tokyo Ghoul author Sui Ishida’s original manga was poorly accepted, therefore it was prudent for season 3 to start from scratch. However, because season 3 doesn’t explain anything, viewers were naturally perplexed by the lack of context or explanation.

Tokyo Ghoul:re ended up lasting two seasons, although the sequel received mediocre reviews as well. Common criticisms include the poor animation and the hurried pace at which the manga’s tale was delivered. With both the Tokyo Ghoul manga and anime series completed, it looks that the franchise is likewise ended for the time being. Given the reaction to subsequent seasons, fans would certainly appreciate a relaunch that is more faithful to the source material.

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Why Fans Are Disappointed with The Ending of Season 3?

There are a number of causes behind this. First and foremost, fans who were looking forward to the last fight discovered that the finale did not correspond to the manga. Part of the responsibility for the show’s poor finale should be shared by Studio Pierrot and other animation studios sourced by the show. What we can hope for is that the upcoming season of ‘Tokyo Ghoul:re’ brings the program back from the dead.

Is Toyko Ghoul Season 3 Dubbed in English?

The answer is YES. Toyko Ghoul dubbed in English. The English Subbed and Dubbed versions of Season 3 may be obtained on the official licensors Funimation’s website.

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