Tips for Choosing a Good Web Design Agency


Today, not a single site is created just like that. As a rule, an online resource does not just solve a specific problem, it is a unique and most effective communication channel and a tool for increasing sales. Now every commercial company has its own website. In the absence of a web resource, the amount of public information about the company decreases and trust in the company as a whole decreases. It is very important to correctly approach the choice of web app developers for hire.

Teams of multidisciplinary specialists are working on the modernization and promotion of the site. This is a whole complex of disciplines in the field of SEO, content management, programming, front-end development and design.

In the context of growing competition, the topic of site optimization and promotion is relevant even for very small companies where one or several specialists are involved in the site. An online resource will not be able to attract an audience by itself. Therefore, it is important to optimize the content, correctly register the meta data, formulate the syntactic core of the site, select the optimal extensions and adjust the indexing.

Internal Resource Optimization

Without internal optimization of the website content, it makes no sense to spend money on external services for promotion. This segment of work includes a number of key areas that relate to the structure, text and graphic content of the resource.

Formulation of the Semantic Core

Any project starts with detailed research. Before starting a startup, you need to study the sites of the main competitors, market conditions, features and determine the positioning of the future website.

The semantic core is the main vector for positioning a resource in a competitive environment. The main components of the core are keywords and phrases. After the formulation and integration of keywords, search services will be able to correctly identify the content of the site and, accordingly, put the resource in the most relevant search results.

To create a semantic core, you can use a number of tools, the most popular service is Yandex.Wordstat. Using this utility, you can organize keywords, analyze information about their relevance, determine the search engine ranking of selected word forms and draw up a plan for optimizing text content.


After the formation of the semantic core, it is worth determining the structure of the resource. In the hierarchy of Ecommerce projects, the first place is the user interface and thematic sections that correspond to high-frequency queries. For example, for an online store selling medical products, the top priority will be sections on therapeutic simulators, medical equipment and accessories.

In any format, the structure of the site should be based on a hierarchy of consumer requests: the most significant sections in a prominent place, the less attractive categories below.

Each page of the site must be accompanied by meta data: Title and Description. They should concisely present the content of the page to the search engines.

In addition to metadata, you need to analyze the key attributes of SEO page optimization and text content: anchor links, Alt attributes for photos, meta data for headers and subheadings H1, H2, H3.

High-quality internal optimization allows you to increase the ranking of a site in search results and build confidence in the potential audience of an online resource.

In Addition to Internal Optimization for Website Promotion, You Can Use a Number of External Sources:


The most popular and convenient way to attract potential buyers to your website. This is especially true for educational resources, information and entertainment and news sites. In addition to up-to-date information, the blog may contain video content, practical tips and training videos for clients.

Social Networks

The demanded format of communication through social networks helps to study the audience, determine the characteristics of the market and set up customer feedback.

Original and relevant content, user-friendly interface, innovations and competent page optimization can improve the site’s position in search results, analyze the market and increase sales.


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