Three checkers were called up for the USA and Honduras teams – Bovista

Reggie Cannon is invited by Greg Berholder, Fabian Coyote's choices for Albert Ellis and George Penguch

Defender Reggie Cannon has been called up for the United States, while strikers Albert Ellis and George Penguch are part of the squad for Honduras, Bovista announced on Friday.

Checkered defender Reggie Cannon has been invited by Greg Berholder to a private game against Switzerland on May 30 in St. Gallen, ahead of the gold in the CONCACAF League of Nations semi-final against Honduras on June 04, ahead of the gold. Cup 2021.

Strikers Albert Ellis and Jorge Penguche will play Uruguayan Fabian Coyote's challenge for the CONCACAF League of Nations, while the other semi-final will be played between Mexico and Costa Rica, with a private match between Honduras and Mexico on June 12.

On Wednesday, Bovista midfielder Sebastian Perez was called up to the Colombia squad for the first time in five years, following in the footsteps of FC Porto's Mathews Eurip and Luis Dias, with Mundial qualifying for 2022 against Peru and Argentina. Copa America takes place from June 13 to July 10.

In the personal games with Cameron and an opponent in Austria on June 4 and 8, veteran Sidoji was called up a week ago to represent Nigeria with Zaid (FC Porto) and Abraham Marcus (Firenze).

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