This is Us Season 6: Release Date | Renewal Status


The Emmy Award-winning drama series returns for its sixth and final season. With the Pearsons finally, all in one place, Jack’s deathbed confession about what really happened on 9/11 has been revealed, and the family must come to terms with their new reality without him.

As they each go through their own unique grieving process, we see how each member of the family deals with loss in a different way. And as they try to find comfort in one another, it becomes clear that nothing will ever be the same again. Watch This Is Us Season 6 now!

This Is Us Season 6 – The biggest issue surrounding the This Is Us conclusion is Rebecca, played by Mandy Moore. In the fifth season, the Pearson family matriarch’s health has continued to deteriorate after she was discovered to be in the early phases of Alzheimer’s disease.

Many of the flash-forwards have included these scenes, in which the family gathers around her deathbed. We’re already crying buckets ahead of the series finale, which we can tell will make us sob. It’s possible that it’s been on us for a while, but the show’s conclusion has been planned for a long time.

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This is Us Season 6: Release Date

We don’t have an exact release date for This Is Us Season 6 yet, but NBC has confirmed that it will premiere in early 2022. The sixth season will begin in the second half of 2020, rather than in September, when the network year starts. With no mid-season break, the sixth season will air uninterrupted from the middle of 2021 through 2022 with no conclusion date. It’s about to get even more exciting for fans of the hit show, as Season 6 is expected to premiere in the United States on August 23.

As with previous seasons, it’s reasonable to assume that episodes will be offered in the UK on Amazon Prime around the same time as Season 6 debuts in the US. However, no details have yet been announced.

‘I hope that when we reach our conclusion, people feel it’s a really satisfying conclusion place, one that makes sense and feels like they’ve watched a complete work of art because that’s how we intend to do it. ‘We’ve been thinking about this conclusion for a long time, so we’re able to plan for it and attempt to make it feel like a complete as opposed to a series that will go on indefinitely,’ showrunner Isaac Aptaker revealed in 2019.

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This is Us Season 6: Storyline

With that in mind, keep reading to find out the most pressing issues we hope to see addressed in This Is Us Season 6. The fate of one of the Big Three, Kate and her spouse Toby, was an important issue in the fifth season. The relationship has been rocky at times, and the Season 4 finale flash-forward generated anxiety for their future.

In the future, we see Randall contact Toby to inquire if he would be visiting Kevin’s home. After a while, he returns home without his wedding band. Unfortunately, the Season 5 finale only confirmed our worst suspicions for KaBy fans. What we thought was Kevin’s wedding day turned out to be Kate’s, five years ahead of the current timeline.

Her relatives, who remained in the audience after her ex-boyfriend took his leave, watched as she and Toby exchanged vows. It was then revealed that her employer Phillip was the groom, crushing any remaining hopes that they would remarry for a second time.

Season 6 will give insight into the long-term health of the characters’ relationship, according to actor Sullivan. When Jack and Toby arrive at the farmhouse, they discover that the police have surrounded it. Jack attempts to get his dad away from the door while protecting him against potential harm.

They are apprehended by cops, but later released. Their subsequent call was recorded over a month later in June 14 during which he suggests shutting down their business rather than waiting for What we don’t know is whether this includes Kate, or if it’s just Jack and his young family.

This raised the issue, are Kate and Toby separated merely because of recent finale sequences, or has something horrible occurred to one of the Big Three? Despite the fact that we’ve known Rebecca would marry Miguel, Jack’s closest friend, since the first season, the series has never really delved into their connection or how they met.

In an interview, Mandy Moore, who plays Rebecca, indicated that this should happen at some point in the final two seasons. Fans will recall seeing Rebecca reach out to Miguel.


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