Anne Hathaway Has Confirmed “The Princess Diaries 3,” Revealing That a Major Star Is Also on Board!


The third Princess Diaries movie is official, and Anne Hathaway has confirmed that she will reprise her role as Caroline!

According to The Wrap , Anne Hathaway has confirmed that she will return to play the title character in “The Princess Diaries 3.” Julie Andrews, meanwhile, is already set to reprise her role. When asked whether she thinks about reprising her part as the unlikable student who became a princess, Anne replied, “Yes. Yes! I actually did that role last year for a short period of time.”

Following the news that a third season of The Princess Diaries is in development, a brand-new trailer has been revealed.

The sequel to The Princess Diaries, entitled Royal Engagement, was released in 2004. It took 10 years for the third film to appear because the people behind the movie had been waiting for a good third installment, especially after director Garry Marshall’s death in 2016.

Anne also stated that the original cast would be returning for the film, which includes the character of Her Royal Highness, Queen Clarisse Renaldi. This season’s style is brighter, with a lot of jewel tones. Themes are just as important–they tell something about the characters or the world they live in.

You have to decide what you want to say before reading it, otherwise, there won’t be anything left when you’re done! There are many ways to approach themes – but one thing That’s what I’m hearing. It appears that [Julie [Andrews] is determined to do it. We want to do it, according to our producer, Debra Martin Chase. We all want it to happen, right?

The movie’s script has already been started, according to Anne, who said that the writing is completed.

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,,,,,,,,,, ‘We all truly want it to happen,’ she added. It’s simply that we don’t want to unless it’s absolutely flawless, since we adore it as much as you guys do. ‘It’s as essential to us as it is to you, and we won’t deliver anything until it’s ready, but we’re hard at work on it,’ the money guy said with a smile.

Meanwhile, according to Buzzfeed, Julie Andrews said, ‘There’s a lot of talk about it.’ It’s still in the works, according to [Hathaway]. He is enthusiastic about it. I’m all for it. I believe we may commemorate him in this way.

‘That’s what I’m saying,’ affirmed Louie, talking about how he persuaded his friend to attend the show. ‘I mean, you’re all for it; she has an idea that she’d want to pursue about it, so if she’d want to.’

The series has thus far grossed a total of $300 million worldwide. The first film in the franchise, in fact, launched Hathaway’s career on the big screen.

Aside from that, the second film kicked off Gal Gadot and Chris Pine’s careers in their big-screen debut. ‘It’s possible that a third film is being planned based on Cabot’s most recent novel series, The Princess Diaries, Volume XI – Royal Wedding,’ says the site. ‘It may be influenced by Cabot’s most recent book series The Princess Diaries, Vol

It is also intended to be the first adult episode in the series. The narrative continues as Mia is pregnant with twins and she rediscovers a previously unknown half-sister.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the author of the novels, Meg Cabot, stated that a script exists and that if a third film is made, it will mostly be in tribute to Gary Marshall.

Aside from this, Cabot refused to provide any further information and indicated that if the film is made, it will be significantly different from the novels. ‘They’re two separate dimensions,’ she added.

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Gary Marshall, the director of “Ocean’s 8,” told PEOPLE magazine in 2016, “I was with Anne Hathaway a few weeks ago.” ‘The Princess Diaries 3’ is the planned title.

Unfortunately, Marshall’s strategy never panned out because he died later in 2016. “Annie” (2016), the four-hour period drama about the life of Anne Boleyn, is intended to premiere on Netflix.

“Annie” has seen many versions throughout history; however, this version will be different from previous ones because it follows Queen Clarisse Renaldi (Julie Andrews) as a child and adolescent at the ‘I’d do it a thousand times.’

But no release date has been set for the film, and Anne is adamant that it be ‘perfect.’

‘It’s something we take seriously,’ Corrine said. ‘But it’s just as essential to us as it is to you, and we don’t want to offer anything until it’s ready, but we’re working on it.’

During a Q&A session with Entertainment Weekly, one of the viewers asked Chris Pine whether he prays every night for a third installment of Unforgettable. Pine simply said, ‘Have you been reading my diary?’

Mandy Moore, who played the role of a cruel mean-girl cheerleader in Maisie, told Elle , ‘I’d be down for a cameo–maybe she could make amends with Mia and apologize for being a bully when they were younger. ‘She still feels insecure,’ he continued. ‘She was going through a challenging time in her life, and she’s now had a moment to think about why that isn’t acceptable.’

Furthermore, Heather Matarazzo, who played Princess Mia’s closest pal Lilly Moscovitz in the film, told Cosmopolitan that if Annie and Julie are sad, ‘of course.’ However, despite Anne and the rest of the crew’s enthusiasm for a third film, she also mentioned that they are a little nervous about it.

‘It’s not that we don’t want to, it’s just that until it’s perfect, because we enjoy it as much as you guys,’ she added. ‘We’re working on it,’ they’ll say. It’s exactly the same to us as it is for you, and we don’t want to provide anything until it’s perfect, but we are.’

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As of now, it’s unclear if the third film in the franchise will be released to theaters or as an original for Disney+. We’ll have to wait until we hear more about the third film before watching the two existing ones and fantasizing about how adorable Chris Pine was in Royal Engagement.


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