The world is taking over from the US, and the MVP of the season will not be from the US

NBA. Thanks to David Stern, now Adam Silver and the best players, the NBA has popularized basketball around the world. The top four candidates for the MVP 2021 award are not from the United States.

In 1994, Hakeem Olajuwon (Nigeria) became the first non-American in history to win a regular season MVP. In the 21st century, he was joined by Steve Nash (Canada, 2005-2006), Dirk Novitsky (Germany, 2007) and Giannis Antodokounbo (Greece, 2019-2020).

With a clear conscience, we can assume that this list will be expanded this year. Among the Americans, the most serious contenders (for some more) were LeBron James, James Horton and Chris Paul, but the first two missed a good part of the season due to injury, and the ball was worse than the match, even though he still made an amazing impact. Russell Westbrook deserves a note, he will pass the season again with a three-double average, but his performance and the balance of the Washington guides are desirable.

This season Antedoga Ounbo is playing again at the MVP level, but the so-called voter fatigue (being bored of voting with the same prize winner) is likely to prevent him. Luca Doncic (Slovakia) continues with his fantastic entry into the league, but unfortunately in the third season, his team’s game was not big.

The two most serious candidates are Joel Embiat (Cameron) and Nicola Joaquin (Serbia) – not just two players born outside the United States, but two centers in the “three” era.

After years of criticism for low involvement, Empide has finally shown its full potential. The Center Philadelphia 76ers have an average of 29 points per game and 10 rebounds and 11 throws (85%) from individual lines. Cameron is one of the favorites to win the Guardian of the Year award. However all of this can be frustrating.

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The Jockey has played in all games this season (66), while Empight has been under 19. Serbs can be very effective, not only scoring and collecting at the embed level. The Jockeys are the best “quarterback-high” the NBA has ever seen, averaging 8.4 assists per game this season (5th place). That figure would have been even higher had it not been for the injury of second best Denver Nuggets player Jamal Murray. Since then, the Jogis have led the Colorado team to a 8-1 draw.

Of the sixes, health is good and Empide can still count on his teammate Ben Simmons. Serbia may slowly become happier because their partner will most likely become the NBA MVP.


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