The Whitakers: What We Know So Far About The Horror Story

The Whitakers

The Whitakers are regarded as the most inbred family in the United States because every member is connected; however, fresh documents suggest that their parents were cousins rather than brother and sister as previously assumed.

Because the Whitakers are genetically and biologically connected, no one has been able to piece together their family history.

Furthermore, the Whitakers family keeps their family history private and is shielded by the neighborhood in which they live, which has made it difficult for anyone to contact them.

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The Whitakers’ Clan

The Whitakers are from Odd, West Virginia, and now live there. In the United States, they are the most popular inbred family.

The Whitakers

According to the records, the Whitaker family rose to prominence after a photographer named Mark Laita photographed them in 2004 for his book Created Equal.

Mark Laita reported that he was threatened by neighbors when attempting to photograph the Whitakers and that he had to explain why he was doing so before the locals agreed to let him do so; this is proof that the Whitakers are well-protected in Odd, West Virginia.

Mark Latia visited The Whitaker family in Odd, Virginia in 2020, and this time he made a video of his visit, which went viral.

The video was titled “Inbred Family: The Whitakers” by Mark Latia, and it has received over 19 million views and 250 thousand likes, with over 12,000 people disliking it.

The Whitakers, are a British family with relatives from previous generations living in a small Appalachian hamlet and working on their father’s farm, as shown in the documentary.

However, based on the footage, the Whitakers appear to be fighting to make ends meet in their small home with multiple pets.

The Whitaker Family’s Mysterious Case

The Whitaker family is of British origin and lives in deplorable circumstances. Ray, Lorraine, Timmy (only cousin), Freddie, and an unnamed sister were among the original suspects. Freddie, on the other hand, died of a heart attack a long time ago.

You can draw parallels between this story and the Colt Clan incest case, in which Clan raped his daughters in order to have children.

It was a four-generation incest “horror story.” The two sisters, on the other hand, openly shared beds with their brother. Nonetheless, trustworthy sources

Mark Latia personally advised everyone to avoid the Whitaker family, who are being protected by armed neighbors and Raleigh County deputies.

“I strongly advise anyone attempting to locate the Whitakers,” he warned, “since their armed neighbors and Raleigh County deputies have both stated that interested visitors are not welcome.”

Whitaker’s Physical and Mental Defects May Have Been Caused by His Family’s Inbreeding

Capturing their ancestors is nearly hard due to the Whitaker family’s absolute concealment. Researchers rely on self-reported inbreeding to create family trees because ethical hurdles limit the acquisition of family data without permission.

Throughout Mark’s 2020 interview with the Whitaker family, we witness him engage with Ray, Lorraine, and Timmy. The three are unable to respond coherently because they are suffering from an undiscovered mental disorder.

According to a Discover Magazine research, inbred offspring have lower cognitive ability and lung function, and are more susceptible to sickness in general.

According to the study, inbred offspring are also “at a substantial risk of rare recessive genetic illnesses.” Medical professionals have yet to investigate the Whitakers, but many believe their health issues are due to inbreeding.


Inbreeding traditions in West Virginia have long been associated with the state’s poverty. National media published photographs of decrepit shacks and barefoot kids in rags in the 1930s, giving the state a reputation as a backwater.

Incest provided a primitive “scientific” explanation for their depressed social position, and West Virginians became the stereotypical “hillbillies.” Although West Virginia now has an anti-incest law, first cousins can still marry in neighboring states.


What resources can I use to learn more about the Whitakers?

If you’re interested in learning more about the Whitakers, one of the comments on the YouTube channel is from someone who claims to have grown up in the same town as them and provides some background information.

What is the location of the Whitaker family?

The Whitaker family is one of, if not the most, well-known American inbred families. They are entirely inbred, with all members of the family genetically and biologically connected to one another. This film takes a deep look at their daily lives. Odd, West Virginia is where the family calls home.

Are John Whittaker’s mother and father’s first cousins twice removed?

” According to the account, the father, John Whittaker, and the mother, whose name I don’t recall, were double first cousins. I can’t confirm that because it was just a discussion. But it’s understandable. My father claimed that the mother kept a clean house but was of a simple mentality. The father was a coal miner who walked to work every day, rain or shine.


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