The United States opens its doors to Brazilian students with valid visas

Posted on 21/05/2021 23:43 / Updated 22/05/2021 00:41

"America is a favorite destination for many Brazilian students and academics," says US Ambassador – (Credit: Marcelo Ferreira / CB / DA Press)

Brazilians with a valid student visa, i.e. F and M categories and will start studying in the United States from August 1, can travel to the country without going to the embassy. However, they cannot arrive until 30 days before classes start.

For those who have not seen this, the National Interest Exemption (NIE), applied for by US Secretary of State Anthony John Blinkan, offers students, academics and journalists the opportunity to enter the country in September.

Upon receipt of these approved documents, individuals eligible for an NIE, including valid visas and travel authorization (ESTA) can enter the United States.

According to U.S. Ambassador Todd Chapman, the country is very proud to be a favorite destination for many Brazilian students and academics, and to have many long-standing partnerships between universities and media organizations. “I am very pleased that conditions are now allowing travel and exploration to resume, and we look forward to increasing the expansion of these connections,” he said.

* With information from the US Embassy

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