The Twelve Most Ridiculous Moments From Season 2 of Sex/life!

Most Ridiculous Moments From Sex Life Season-2

Whether it was the main character, Billie, proposing to her ex-boyfriend for an affair or the highly-discussed shower scene, the first season of the Netflix series Sex/Life from creator Stacy Rukeyser left an impression for being a little over-the-top and insane.

Whether or not it’s good or bad is up for debate, but there’s no denying that season 2 of Sex/Life features even more absurdist moments for viewers to enjoy and meme to death on social media.

Ridiculous Things That Happened in the Second Season of Sex/life

Season 2 of Sex/Life has finally arrived on Netflix after fans had to wait for nearly a year for it. The following list summarises the best parts of season 2, so if you haven’t seen all six episodes yet, you should probably stop reading now.

Most Ridiculous Moments From Sex Life Season-2

There was a ruckus in the office, and it was caused by Cooper and Francesca.

While the idea of having sexual encounters at work may appeal to some, in practice it rarely works as planned. Cooper and Francesca discover this the hard way in the pilot when they are caught off guard by their superiors.

The Wonton Suggestion by Cooper

Cooper and Francesca’s romance doesn’t survive for very long. After both of them lost their jobs, on their first night out together he went to a Chinese restaurant, where he had dirty toilet sex with a stranger who had proposed to him over wontons.

The Fiasco With Trina, Cooper, and Handcuffs

The downward slide Cooper has taken this season is absurd. He starts with the waitress at the Chinese restaurant, then he starts dating Cooper’s best friend’s wife while Cooper’s kids are watching TV. Before long, Hudson will stroll in and find Trina handcuffing his father to the bed. Shaken up and perplexed by what happened, the poor boy is in no position to cope. Honestly, Cooper, you could have shut the door.

Seaweed-wrapped Apologies From Trina and Billie

Were we to watch a sequence in which Trina and Billie strip down to their underwear and get covered in the slimy residue left by a seaweed wrap before Trina could apologize to Billie?

For a show that hasn’t done much to explore the LGBTQIA+ community (except Cooper’s gay brother, who has maybe 10 minutes of screentime total this season, including one chaste kiss and Sasha’s blink-and-you’ll-miss-it threesome scene—and I could write a dissertation on why that’s problematic for bisexual representation, but I digress), it felt… strange to have the only sequence of two women being naked together come from two straight characters trying Simply put, I found it to be superfluous, silly, and, dare I say it, male gaze-y.

To whom was that scene intended? Nothing it did for me as a bisexual woman was to make me forget that Sex/Life never discusses homosexual or bisexual relationships.

The Casual Prostitution by Majid

Billie discovers Majid’s infidelity with Crystal, one of his investors. As an explanation, he casually mentions that he effectively “pimped himself out” to her in exchange for her investment in his restaurant. How they talk about it shows how casually they treat it.

Brad’s Presence is Manifested in Every Conceivable Setting

When Billie looks around, she always sees Brad. Usually, there’s a reasonable explanation, but the way things play out, it looks like Brad’s Joe Goldberg fantasy is coming true.

The Affair Between Caroline and Sven

Most Ridiculous Moments From Sex Life Season-2

Caroline nonchalantly admits to having an affair with Sven, a sleazy and predatory therapist, when they are both at the spa. Trina finds out when he tries to go down on her; she freaks out and wants to report him, but Caroline begs her not to because she enjoys hooking up with him as if what Sven is doing isn’t strange and unlawful. It’s not fair for him to casually traumatize his other clients just because Caroline wants it.

Poor Hudson

Hudson, the son of Billie and Cooper, has been treated unfairly this year. After already experiencing the anguish of his parent’s divorce, he walks in on his father being chained to the bed by a woman who is not his mother. After getting him amped up to go snowing with him, Cooper just ignores him. Majid spoils his day by breaking their promise to go to a Yankees game together. Afterward, he escapes after being scared by the fire at Majid’s eatery. This poor kid needs a day of rest.

Cooper Doing Cocaine in the Lobby of the Court

Cooper’s divorce (and custody agreement) is finalized, and he immediately uses cocaine in the plain face of the judge and the court. It would be terrible if he were to get jailed and lose custody of his kids right then.

Piper and Bianca’s Relationship, in General

Most Ridiculous Moments From Sex Life Season-2

As for the wild night at the hotel, it all begins with the cocaine and continues with Devon hiring Piper and Bianca as escorts (because, of course, he does). Cooper throws a chair off the balcony after using more coke with the gang of four. That’s something I can’t say. There was a wild car chase through some dark streets that ended with Cooper flipping his car with one of the females in the passenger seat, and the whole scene felt like a poor parody of The Hangover movies.

Rebuilt Penis of Devon

Although I understand that Sex/Life had to top the shower scene from Season 1, I’m not sure if we needed to see Devon’s penis with a penile pump implant that allows him to inflate it. It was so stupid that it was funny.

You might be surprised to learn the original reason Devon needed rebuilding. Do you recall the automobile accident I mentioned earlier? One of the escorts, unfortunately for Devon, bit off his penis as he was getting the horns out of her. The entire incident, including the penile pump implant, might have easily been filmed for an episode of Nip/Tuck. The absence of Dr. Christian Troy has startled me.

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