The Tick Season 3: Details and Rumors

The Tick Season 3

Almost everyone loves American Series, right? The Tick is an American action cum adventure TV series from the amazon prime video. Ben Edlund is the producer of this series. It is similar to the comic book character “The Tick”. The pilot of the series was streamed on 18 August 2016, on Amazon Video. The Production companies include Sony pictures television, Amazon Studios and Josephson Entertainment.

The show is all about a strong narrative, high-octane action sequences, realism and humour. The first half of the first season was released on 25 August 2017 and the remaining episodes aired on 23 Feb 2018.

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What Is the Plotline of the Tv Series the Tick?

The Tick revolves around the story of an invincible superhero in a blue suit who lives in the city. Tick ​​helps fight crime and discovers a mysterious figure hiding behind the city’s underworld. He befriends a nervous and docile young man named Arthur, who later becomes his sidekick.

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The duo later discovers that a long-dead villain named Terror is alive and operates in the city’s underworld. The story takes place in place in a world where superheroes have lived for many years. In the same place, nervous accountant Arthur Everest and a strange blue superhero named Tick, who shows up together, begin an adventure full of crazy supervillains, dangerous vigilantes and monstrous superheroes.

The Tick Season 3

The tick kept the audience intrigued with its gripping story and also brought up some laughter too. The series saw the rise of a new superhero out of the ways of the common man. Tick’s journey shows his realization of his powers and his path to becoming a superhero.

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This journey also covers how Tick overcomes the obstacles that come his way and how he combats crime. From the time Tick becoming a superhero to Arthur becoming his sidekick, the story has a lot to tell. The upcoming series would feature the new adventures of Tick and Arthur. Will Arthur and Tick find and fight the supervillain terror? All puzzles would be solved with the start of Season 3.

What Are the Names of the People Involved in the Tick?

Main Cast:

· Peter Serafinowicz, the main cast as The Tick

· Griffin Newman plays the role of Arthur Everest

· Valorie Curry portrays Dot Everest

· Brendan Hines features as Superman

· Yara Martinez features as Miss Lint/Janet/Joan of Arc

· Scott Speiser features as Overkill/Straight Shooter/Esteban

· Jackie Earle Haley features as The Terror (Season 1)

The main characters are backed by the presence of strong supporting and recurring actors who made the show enjoyable and appealing.

The Tick Season 3

Some of the Recurring Cast:

Townsend Coleman as the person behind the voice of Midnight/Onward

· Kyle Catlett plays young Arthur Everest

· Kahlil Ashanti plays Goat

· Devin Ratray plays Tinfoil Kevin

· Ryan Woodle plays Clifford Richter/the Very Large Man (“V-L-M”)

· Joshua Schubart plays Frank

· Paul Moon plays Khufu

· John Pirkis plays Dr. Karamazov

Release Date of the Tick Season 3, Will It Is Released Anytime Soon or Cancelled?

The First half of the very first season was released on 18 august 2016. The Amazon streamed 2 seasons with a total of 22 episodes with the last episode on April 5, 2019.

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The Tick season 3 was to release in 2019 but it did not. As of now, no official announcement has been made for the same.

Later the producer Edlund revealed on ‘twitter‘ that The Tick has been cancelled till further notice. Amazon had earlier announced the cancellation of the show due to declining viewership. The producer Edlund went on to other streaming platforms to find a “new home” but couldn’t get one. But the Fan Base is huge and their demands might make their wish come true and The Tick season 3 might return for viewers to watch and enjoy.

The Tick Season 3

Where Can We Stream the Tick Tv Series?

The series is not available to watch everywhere right now. You can stream the 2 seasons of The Tick on Amazon Prime Video, that too after subscription.

What Are the Ratings of the Tick?

The Tick has received mixed reviews from the audience. It has a rating of 7.4 out of 10 on IMDb. And has a popularity of 1450.

Common Sense Media has rated it 3/5.

The Tick has scored 95% of the audience score, based on ten user ratings on Rotten Tomatoes.


Fans are still waiting for the 3rd season and why shouldn’t they? The storyline has kept them intrigued and glued to the screen. However, as said earlier, The Tick won’t be returning with the 3rd Season anytime soon as Amazon prime won’t stream this show anymore and the producer Edlund is unable to find a “new home” or say a streaming platform for the same.


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