The Sonic Movie Trailer Was Recreated With ‘Cartoon’ Sonic And Looks Extremely Cool!


The release of the first Sonic The Hedgehog trailer was a total failure, and Paramount promised to remedy it. Did they keep their promise?

The first live-action version of sonic received a lot of negative feedback from Twitter and the internet as a whole. The live-action version of Sonic was lambasted for being too human and likely to give a whole generation of children nightmares, whereas the original Sonic was simply a loveable hedgehog.

After the countless memes, Tweets, and fan redesigns that depicted the beloved hedgehog in a negative light, director Jeff Fowler confirmed Sonic’s makeover with tweets. The director also announced that they would renovate the restaurant in order to adhere to the original November 2019 release date.

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After the release of Jeff Fowler’s “The Predator,” fans had been anticipating for the film to arrive in August, and while this was one promise that he wasn’t able to keep, there is still hope for a 2020 premiere.

The majority of people thought that a rushed makeover would only exacerbate the problem, but with the more traditional and ‘cartoony’ makeover shown in this new fan trailer, it considerably improves the film. Despite all of that, I was a little frightened by the muscular Sonic with human teeth.

Artur Baranov, a very talented megafan on Youtube, took fan redesigns to a new level by transforming Sonic into more like himself in the Paramount trailer. This new fan trailer makes the experience of viewing the film far more pleasant and considerably less likely to induce sleepless nights.

This trailer is identical to the one produced by Paramount, only with Sonic looking less like a nightmarish hedgehog.

Obviously, Arthur’s work is not of the same quality as the original rendering produced by a team of experts, but for some reason it is significantly better.

Paramount has committed to cleaning up the situation, and we’ll see if they can deliver a high-quality Sonic that is more in line with the original. But, let’s be real – they ruined the first one so badly that they were prepared to release it before the fan outcry.

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I’m really excited to see what happens in the future. Tell me what you think of the two designs in the comments. Here are the fan reactions that prompted the redesign. If you want to see them, click here.


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