The Senate is voting to overturn Trump’s veto on the security bill

Trump’s veto forced Republicans to decide whether to violate the presidency in favor of legislation that sets the country’s defense policy. However, the law was first passed by both the House and the Senate with a veto-proof majority. The council voted Monday to overturn the veto. The final vote was 81-13, which is too high for a two-thirds majority.

Trump has threatened to veto a security bill that includes a pay rise for US troops and an upgrade of equipment because it does not include repealing Section 230, which is a law that prevents Internet companies from publishing on their websites, or by third parties.

The bill includes how much money Trump can move for his border wall and the military’s demand to rename sites named after the federation’s figures.

Trump has stated that he opposes any attempt by the US military to rename nearly a dozen key bases and installations bearing the names of federal military commanders – and in addition to his complaints about Section 230, he raised the issue in his veto message.

“I oppose such politically motivated attempts to wash away history and insult the tremendous progress our country has made in realizing our founding principles,” the statement said.

The Kentucky Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said on Monday night Vermont’s independent senator would delay a quick vote if not brought in. Voting for 2,000 stimulus checks. That referendum never took place, and the Senate voted Friday afternoon to end the debate on the veto violation.

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