Vin Diesel Reveals That Riddick 4: Furya Script Is Finished


Vin Diesel has revealed that the script for Riddick 4 is finished. The actor, who played the titular character in all three previous films, took to Instagram on Tuesday night to post a photo of himself with writer-director David Twohy and captioned it “Script done.”

This means that production could start as soon as next year. It’s not clear if he will return as the title character or just produce, but either way this is great news for fans of the franchise. Click here to read more!

In a Recent Interview, Vin Diesel Revealed That the Fourth Riddick Film’s Script Is Finished.

This fantastic news has been confirmed by Vin Diesel himself, who says that the fourth Riddick feature film’s script is now finished.

The fourth Riddick film is now one step closer to reality, with franchise star Vin Diesel announcing that the script has been finished. The first movie in which the character appeared was essentially a horror film set in a science-fiction environment, as with many of his other films. Because of this,fans adore it.

The series has grown over the years, which is great news for fans since there are four more novels on release. There have been two sequels and an animated tie-in film, as well as a video game that expanded the world since it was first published.

Since the release of the most recent chapter of this series, more than five years ago, it has been in theaters. It has been stated that Diesel and writer/director David N. Twohy will return for the fourth installment of the franchise, which was acknowledged by Vin Diesel on his own Instagram account.

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Diesel is currently filming Bloodshot, which will premiere in 2021 and subsequent years. He’ll also appear in James Cameron’s Avatar sequels that year.

At Anime Me Comic Con 2.0, I had my favorite four photographs taken for this Riddick cosplay. I wish I had taken more photographs.

He will also provide the voice of Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy vol. Infinity War and Avengers 4. The length of time between the writing and production phases varies depending on whether your script is based on a real-life event or not. Once that film goes into production, however, progress moves much more quickly.

Furya is the name of Riddick’s home planet, which he was attempting to preserve during his mission. Riddick is a science fiction thriller in which an antihero named Riddick emerges from centuries of solitude on a desolate planet to seek vengeance against his attackers. Riddick is back, and he’s closing in on his goal of revenge.

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Bounty hunters from all over the galaxy descend upon Riddick, only to become pawns in his larger scheme. ‘With all of his enemies in place, Riddick unleashes a savage fury of retribution before returning to Furya to prevent it from being destroyed.’

“Everyone wants to be a beast until it’s time to do what real beasts do.” There is no release date set for the film yet, and there’s no telling when it will be produced, but we are confident that Vin Diesel will have another opportunity to play his iconic character.


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