The Relationship Between Actor Kim Seon Ho And Ex-Girlfriend | New Updates


A detailed report cross-checking the claims against Kim Seon Ho, which was published by South Korean online entertainment media outlet Dispatch, has emerged.

On October 18, Kim Seon Ho’s former girlfriend published a message on Instagram describing his alleged “physical and mental abuse.” The actress depicted in the post stated that she had been ‘tricked’ into having an abortion she did not want by promising to marry her later.

She was crushed, but she had no idea why. She thought it had to do with him not wanting a child at the time, and she tried to find out what happened. After the abortion, he cut off communication with her over the phone.

She accused him of “pretending to be someone he’s not” on television, and she said she was coming forward about their relationship now because she had not received an apology from him after four months. At the time, Seon Ho issued a public apology, claiming that he had done everything he was accused of in his tell-all online publication.

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By April 2021, Seon Ho had been dropped from the variety show and two film projects. Many of the companies he was advertising with have also ended their partnerships. In addition, Seon Ho’s firm Salt Entertainment was accused of colluding with his ex to disrupt the actor whose contract was about to expire.

The rumors were debunked by the firm, which stated that the contract was extended to 2023 with yearly extensions until 2027. The ex-girlfriend’s identity was also revealed, prompting an increase in vitriol from fans who threatened her with litigation.

Choi Young Ah, who was previously ‘peached,’ has once again been accused of lying through her teeth. Older husbands who are more than four years old Are frequently mentioned by Choi Young Ah to entice men to adultery, with ‘sponsors’.

On October 26, the online entertainment media outlet published a thorough cross-examination of Seon Ho’s claims. The two have been accused of claiming that a shaman had cast a spell on the ex-girlfriend, thus forcing her to appear in court.

She was identified as the former weathercaster and current influencer Choi Young Ah, according to them. Witnesses were obtained from five of the couple’s close friends, who said Young Ah’s account was a distortion of the truth.

The judge also ordered the pair to pay for Seon Ho’s medical expenses, which are estimated at $15,000. The defense claimed that they should not have been arrested because their conduct was nonviolent and did not harm anyone.

They even bolstered the proof with screen captures of communications between the couple and Seon Ho and his friends. They also included photographs of the couple in their article.

In 2019, Seon Ho and Young Ah began a relationship, and when his buddy informed him that she was a divorcee who had been pregnant previously, he responded, “I’d want to continue the connection.” I’m seeing her because I like her as a person.

Of course, my parents will be concerned. ‘But it doesn’t matter that she’s been married and divorced.’ A friend of Seon Ho’s, who was only known as A, submitted a lengthy statement in which Young Ah apologized for lying and misleading him about seeing other men while dating him.

Seon Ho’s friend advised him that her lying behavior didn’t appear to be stopping and it would be best to call it quits. He also described his relationship with her to his buddy, saying how she had deceived him previously.

Seon Ho’s spouse, identified as C, advised him to reconsider his decision. Seon Ho had also sought advice from another friend, dubbed B. She discovered she was with a child not long after. According to Young Ah’s story, Seon Ho was a constant source of encouragement for her and even made seaweed soup for her after the operation.

According to their pals, he was a major supporter of hers and always there to help. Seon Ho mentioned that he had made the soup around the time of the abortion.

Following this, Seon Ho invited her to his parent’s home, where they stayed the night instead of him keeping her a secret as she had claimed.

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Of course, the ultimate goal of many fiction writers is to tell a tale that enables us to learn some life lessons. It’s important for them to create an enjoyable atmosphere where readers can enjoy themselves while still learning something worthwhile about life or human nature.

‘He’s not entirely wrong,’ agreed Zhe. ‘Do you want me to bring paper plates? I’m sure the kids would like some.’ Because he released his kid… Because he once loved her, he attempted to comprehend.

But he also states that, while some may disagree with him on his personal life, He made the guy feel like he was responsible for everything, and that’s why he apologized. He is a Seon Ho. He was in a typical relationship, like so many others. He never attempted to conceal Young Ah. I’m a witness.”


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