‘The Perfect Date’ Review: Everything You Want To know So Far


Have you ever wondered what the perfect date would be like? The Perfect Date is a romantic comedy that follows two people who meet in an online chat room and agree to go on one date. They are both looking for love, but they have different ideas of what that means. When their paths cross in real life, sparks fly and they soon find themselves falling for each other.

This movie will make you laugh out loud with its witty dialogue and charming characters. It also has plenty of heartwarming moments as well as some steamy scenes! You’ll want to watch it again and again so you can pick up all the details from this modern-day classic! Watch The Perfect

Is This ‘The Perfect Date’ Just a Love Letter To The 1980s RomCom?

Call me old-fashioned, but I find the nostalgia induced by attempting to return to the days of RomComs perplexing.

The 80’s RomCom stands out from the crowd on its own. From Say Anything to When Harry Met Sally, the 80’s RomCom has a nostalgia about it that harkens back to a more carefree period. In the Perfect Date, Netflix resurrects this old, tried-and-true formula from the 1980s RomCom and places it in the modern era.


While the sign is obvious and professionally made, there are a few inquiries that spring to the surface as you watch this movie that cannot be neglected. Despite that, it’s a film that aims to fill the shoes of prior films while also attempting to recapture the nostalgia associated with such movies.

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The Story: The Perfect Date

Brooks Ratigan (Noah Centineo) is an average guy from the burbs who’s trying to make his goal of attending Yale a reality while working at the local sub shop. He soon understands that he won’t be able to pay for his education on his own, but a chance encounter with a friend sets him up on a date with a woman and paid participation.

Ratigan eagerly accepts it, and he meets Celia Marano (Laura Marano), a girl who loves reading and combat boots. Ratigan, after successfully arranging a date and getting compensated for it, thinks of renting out his services as an escort.

He applies his software developer buddy Murph’s (Odiseas Georgiadis) talents to create a dating app that allows females to customize every element of his personality. After rubbing elbows with the wealthy and powerful, he meets Shelby Pace (Camila Mendes), the woman of his dreams, at a New York party.


Ratigan appears to be all set for Yale as the money continues to roll in. However, life has other ideas, and Ratigan is swept up in a whirlwind of self-determinism that forces him to consider the basics of his personality.

What Does a Girl Want?

The film aims to be unexpectedly profound, yet it falls short of this goal at times. The cast seems to follow the typical RomComs of the 1980s, but names like Brooks Ratigan don’t endear them to viewers.

There are issues and desires in the film, but given the era of gritty ’90s, the circumstances offered by the movie to assist the audience to empathize with the protagonist are a bit thin. from the internalized anguish to the desire to stand out, they all fit into this picture of a teenager. The true struggle in the film is for Brooks Ratigan to figure out who he is.

The protagonist of the film is a young lady named Sadie. From a very early age, she has been struggling to fit into her own skin. She’s been mistaken for older women by other adults because she looked so much like them as a child.

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As an adult, this identity crisis drives her to seek out others who may have experienced similar situations Ratigan has to act like someone else on every date, and while this may appear to be a lot of fun, it might cause an identity crisis. In the case of a teenager who has yet to determine his own identity, we see Ratigan struggle to provide an answer throughout the film and give it a lot of credibilities.

Script: The Perfect Date

The writing in this film is typical for a Rom-com from Netflix. The film is quite clever with its use of accents, and there’s a touch of humor to the narrative. Everything is up for debate, of course; Ratigan’s home life and his interactions with his father are unnatural as if they were included because he has to come from SOMEWHERE.

The film’s underlying themes–such as those between the characters and their relationships–are developed in general, although insufficient time was spent on the Brooks-Murph friendship and the audience was expected to accept it as a given. While it’s a decent script, certain subjects should have been addressed that weren’t, and the viewer is left feeling somewhat adrift.

Cast: The Perfect Date

The casting for this film was fantastic. The comedy of Benny Blanco, Los Matadores, and the dancing routine “Tequila Mockingbird” bring back memories of Susan Boyle’s Meatloaf performance. The cast appears to be having deadly fun on stage. This power, however, has its drawbacks.

The supporting cast of Odiseas Georgiades and Camila Mendes does not get enough screen time, and their ideas and reasons for acting aren’t fully explored, leaving the actors to dig deeper into the characters. The few times we see Murph, the audience has a slew of queries that haven’t been addressed. Mendes is a fantastic actress, but she doesn’t have nearly enough screentime to make her stand out. On the bright side, we’ve still got time to watch Noah Centineo make goo-goo eyes at various ladies.

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Pacing: The Perfect Date

While the film does move at a decent pace, there are a few holes in the floor. The most significant issue occurs in Rattigan’s father’s sequences. The family’s tragic past is revealed in the chorus, and there is an allusion to a mother who abandoned them in the past, but Ratigan’s actions don’t indicate that anything affects him.

Instead, we’re treated to a struggling writer father at the local community college trying to make ends meet between the action of Brooks attempting to be every single preconceived notion of a perfect date. “I need to know who I am,” she says. Not only does this set up an apparent parallel between Lili and Mani’s circumstances (albeit one that isn’t fully

Composition: The Perfect Date

This sequel proves that the romantic comedy is still very much alive. While it strives to provide us with a sense of nostalgia, it isn’t nearly as disturbing as Sixteen Candles. It’s a fun, lighthearted film that Netflix specializes in. It feels more like cotton candy than anything else. And yet another example of “keep your friends close and your enemies closer.” But it feels manufactured.

The film is attempting to be every 80’s RomCom you loved to hook you, just like Ratigan is trying to be the guy that every woman wants on her date. While it does provide a nostalgic experience, it doesn’t quite succeed in being a classic comparable to its predecessors.

Winding Up:

While it doesn’t have all of the characteristics that we look for in a feel-good watch, it’s one that you should consider. It’s a fun ride for anybody who enjoys Noah Centineo, and the film does an excellent job of exploring adolescent self-discovery.

This isn’t a film with grandiose gestures like boom-boxes outside of windows, but when things fall into place, it provides a nice fuzzy sensation. This film is rather stable, yet it won’t be remembered for pushing the limits or doing anything previously unseen.


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