The official video reveals futuristic foldable “concepts”

After posting images of the future of foldable OLED panels that it will present during SID Display this week, Samsung has now officially released a video showing its foldable future, including a foldable two-point smartphone, a scrollable smartphone, and a large foldable tablet computer. And a laptop computer with a camera under the screen.

The video shows us the many everyday situations where these new products can improve users’ lives, to become more diverse thanks to the new OLED technologies.

The large tablet with a 17-inch foldable screen is also featured in this video, presenting itself as a hybrid between a laptop and a tablet, similar to the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold. For this new device, Samsung is also expected to release a physical keyboard, so that it can get the best possible experience in the productivity sector.

Samsung’s new foldable smartphone appears to have a lot of vulnerabilities

Although it is a very interesting concept, it seems that the new OLED screen foldable in two points represents a lot of weaknesses when applied to a smartphone. As you can see in the video, the foldable panel is always exposed regardless of its position.

Given that there is currently no technology guaranteeing the durability of traditional smartphone screens, it is easy to expect that this will be a foldable smartphone that is highly prone to accidents. In addition, the shapes it can take are unnecessarily complex, making their use more complex than desired.

Among other challenges Samsung will face is ensuring that the folding mechanisms are able to satisfactorily guarantee longevity. Given the different shapes a smartphone can take, this would be a handicap that would be difficult to overcome.

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However, it is possible that the South Korean manufacturer will decide to take the risk and release this smartphone, even if it is in limited quantities.

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