The nurse who treated Boris Johnson resigns in protest against the British government

The nurse who treated Boris Johnson resigned when the British prime minister was admitted into intensive care with COVID-19 from the National Health Service (NHS) in protest of the government.

Nurse Jenny McGee said she was “pulling back” from the NHS after her “toughest years” on the job, but was hoping to make a comeback.

These statements were made on the “Channel 4” program entitled “The Year Britain Has Stopped.”

The health expert also said that the nurses are not receiving the “respect and now the amount” they deserve.

The British government has recommended a 1% wage increase for NHS workers this year.

In the same program, McGee said that “many nurses” felt that the government “did not lead very effectively” and that there were “hesitations” and “many confused messages”, describing the fight against the epidemic as “extremely disturbing.”

“Yeah, we put ourselves to the test and worked so hard, and there’s a lot of talk about how we’re all heroes and all that kind of thing. But at the same time, I’m not sure if I would be getting the respect and now we’re paying what we deserve. I’m tired of it. So, I resigned, “he explained.

The professional who took care of the British prime minister said Boris Johnson was surrounded by patients “some of whom were dying” when he was hospitalized in April of last year.

“I remember seeing him and I thought he looked really bad. It was really a different color,” he explained, adding that that time period was “surreal” and that patients with Covid-19 were complicated to care for. “We didn’t know what was going to happen.”

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After being discharged from the hospital, Boris Johnson praised McGee and Portuguese nurse Luis Petarma for staying at his bedside overnight.

The nurse is now planning to work overseas and spend time in her native New Zealand.

“After the most difficult year of my nursing career, I take a step back from the NHS, but I hope to be back in the future. I am excited to start a nursing contract in the Caribbean, before returning to New Zealand on vacation home. At the end of the year. I am very proud to work at St. Thomas Hospital. And because I’m part of that great team, ”McGee said, in a statement issued by Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Trust.

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