‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ Is Getting a Sequel


The next installment of The Nightmare Before Christmas will be from Sally’s perspective.

Following the end of Tim Burton’s beloved animated film The Nightmare Before Christmas, to be published by Walt Disney Publishing, the studio is working with Shea Ernshaw and Winterwood’s Hannah E.

Rose to write a new YA book set after the events of the film. After their first kiss on Spiral Hill, the narrative follows Sally’s perspective and unfolds shortly after. A sequel to the classic stop-motion animated musical dark fantasy seems like a good idea.

This Christmas-themed world was created by Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King of Halloween Town after he inadvertently finds himself transported to another holiday-inspired location. He eventually decided to take on Christmas as Santa Claus, but things don’t turn out as planned.

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The next book will focus on a blissfully married Sally and Jack. In the meantime, Sweet Tooth is still imprisoned in Halloween City’s prison after inadvertently unleashing a malevolent force on the neighborhood.

The hunt begins when the bad guy activates Jack, Halloween Town, and the other holiday-themed settlements in the film’s universe. (There’s even one that fans have never seen before!) ), in danger. The Pumpkin Queen will travel across the land in order to learn more about her former existence as she strives to keep the world from destruction.

The sequel, This New Book, is written from the perspective of Sally and takes place shortly after the film’s conclusion. The tale of Sally and Jack is yet to be told. However, it’s also a coming-of-age narrative for Sally, as we witness her navigate her new royal position as the Pumpkin Queen of Halloween Town,’ Ernshaw said in a Disney Q&A.

‘I’m excited to share that this sequel will take place seven years after the events of “Cinderella” and center on the young, mysterious girl who now goes by Sally. She’s been spirited away from her family in a lake at night by an unknown trio of strangers known as the Pumpkin King, Jack Krueger, and his mother

The new narrative, according to Ernshaw, intends to provide Sally the same degree of complexity as Jack possessed in the movie. Jack’s struggle to comprehend his identity was one of the major motifs in The Nightmare Before Christmas.

He had grown weary of being the Pumpkin King, and in his desire for something greater, he devised a plot to takeover Christmas. ‘I wanted to delve into Sally’s identity in this book, and better understand not just who she is now that she’s fallen in love with Jack and taken on the title of Pumpkin Queen, but also why her past has influenced her present desires, doubts, and ambitions,’ Ernshaw added. What is the ultimate goal of a ragdoll?

What does a ragdoll truly desire in life? What is she afraid of? Is she willing to risk everything for the sake of her loved ones? She’s prepared to put her life on the line, as we’ll discover in the book.

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‘The experience of writing a character as richly-layered as her is something I won’t forget. She’s one of the most fascinating and intricately developed personalities I’ve ever created, and it’s an honor to be able to share her tale.’

When Ernshaw’s new YA novel debuts in July 2022, jump into Sally’s narrative.


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