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The Munsters Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything

The Munsters Release Date

The Munsters, an American sitcom set in the 1960s, depicted the lives of a gang of monsters at home. In comparison to its competition, The Addams Family, which was released and aired for the same amount of time, the show was not favorably received.

The show’s popularity grew once it was broadcast in syndication. Due to its enduring popularity, the Munsters have produced several feature films, a television series called The Munsters Today, multiple failed remake attempts, and even a reboot film.

You’ve come to the correct place if you can’t wait to learn more about the current revival of the legendary monster family franchise. Here’s all we know about the upcoming Zombified reboot film thus far.

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When is The Munsters Coming Out?

A release date has yet to be set, but with work already beginning, the Munsters reboot might arrive in time for Halloween 2022 – so hang on to your old Frankenstein costume for now.

What to Expect From the Rebooted Munsters

Rob Zombie was announced as the director and producer of the forthcoming revival of The Munsters in June 2021. The film is a labor of love for the well-known horror fan, who revealed that he has “been chasing [the picture] for 20 years.”

Zombie is well-known for its gory films and eerie aesthetic. With House of 1000 Corpses, he made his directorial debut in 2003.

From there, he went on to make R-rated films like The Devil’s Rejects, 31, the 2007 Halloween revival, and its sequel Halloween II in 2009.

Despite Zombie’s reputation for dark and scary imagery, he has stated that the PG-rated film would remain true to the source material and will have a more toned-down version of the imagery he is known for.

“For those of you guessing, wondering, and expecting that ‘The Munsters’ would be disgusting, brutal, and nasty,” the director said on Instagram. Well, you’re mistaken. Everything is fine down on Mockingbird Lane.”

Zombie is such a big admirer of the original program that he put a lot of attention into every part of the movie. The filmmaker has been posting photographs of the cast, costumes, and set on his social media accounts on a regular basis.

The set is a perfect reproduction of the real 1313 Mockingbird Lane house and its neighborhood, which was erected for primary photography in Budapest, Hungary.

Is a Trailer for The Munsters available?

While there is no trailer yet, you may get a sneak peek at the film by visiting Rob Zombie’s Instagram feed, where he has posted photographs and videos from the set.

So far, Zombie has provided photos of the Munster family home, the famed Koach family, the cast in costume, the set building, part of Herman’s flat-headed prosthetics, and more.

The Cast Will Include Some Well-known Zombie Characters

While the full cast list has yet to be released, Rob Zombie has teased a few of his favorite “Munsters” actors. His wife, Sheri Moon Zombie, has signed on to play Lily Munster, as Murphy’s Multiverse first reported in March.

Following that, on October 13, Zombie’s aforementioned Instagram post added Jeff Daniel Phillips and Dan Roebuck as Herman and Grandpa Munster, respectively, to the cast.

In a similar method, words of Richard Brake’s casting as Dr. Henry Augustus Wolfgang reached the general public.

Because Zombie is such a big fan of the original series, it’s feasible that some of the original cast members will show up in the remake.

He recently joined Butch Patrick, who portrayed Eddie on the original “Munsters,” for a commentary on the film “Munster, Go Home!” for its Scream Factory Blu-ray release.

Dragula, the Munster family’s automobile, is almost guaranteed to be cast. One of Zombie’s biggest hits was named after the car.

According to Film School Rejects, Zombie confessed on the commentary track for “Munster, Go Home!” that he had to utilize the TV family’s coach in the “Dragula” music video because Dragula was on tour.

The original Dragula was allegedly put up for auction in 2019, yet no information regarding its sale has been revealed.

The Munsters Is a Show About a Strange Yet Endearing Family

“The crazy characters who were put upon were sympathetic… that’s who you side with,” Rob Zombie commented on the audio for “Munster, Go Home!” when explaining his affection for “The Munsters.”

Herman, a Frankenstein-like creature, and his wife Lily, a vampire, were among the characters in the original CBS comedy.

Their son, Eddie (a werewolf), Grandpa (a Count Dracula-type vampire), and their beautiful, human niece Marilyn, who was considered the ugly duckling of the group, all migrated from Transylvania to 1313 Mockingbird Lane in the imaginary America hamlet of Mockingbird Heights.


The TV show was a comedy about a family of Munsters who thought they were normal people rather than monsters.

The show was a spoof of eastern European immigrants attempting to integrate into an American suburb, with characters based on iconic monster films from the 1930s through 1960s.

While no storyline specifics for the upcoming film have been revealed, Zombie’s passion for the original material will undoubtedly affect the screenplay.

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