‘The Lizzie McGuire’ Reboot: Is It Really Coming Back or Not?


The Lizzie McGuire reboot is coming back! It’s been 15 years since the original show aired, but it’s still a favorite among many. Now Disney Channel has announced that they’re bringing it back for a new generation of viewers to enjoy.

We have everything you need to know about the upcoming series so far, including cast and plot details. Check out our article now for all the information on this exciting news! 

The Lizzie McGuire’ Reboot: Everything You Want Know

‘The Lizzie McGuire’ reboot has been canceled. Here’s why.

When a Lizzie McGuire revival was announced a few years ago, fans were ecstatic. Hilary Duff was going to reprise her famous Disney Channel character in the reboot, and it was set to premiere on Disney+.

Furthermore, the original cast members of the program would participate. The reboot has been in production since 2019, but things have begun to go wrong. Filming was put on hold when the Lizzie McGuire production crew, including Duff and original showrunner Terri Minsky, had creative conflicts with Disney.


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Although the situation appeared to be resolved temporarily, our sources at Endemol say there were continued efforts on both sides of the pond to resolve their differences and that we would continue receiving news of their attempts to save the program for several months. However, in early December 2020, Duff stated that the reboot would not be released!

By reading on, you’ll learn more.

What Happened to the Lizzie Mcguire Reboot?

Months after trying to figure out how to bring the character back to the screen, Duff shocked fans by announcing the cancellation of Lizzie McGuire Reboot.

“I know the efforts and conversations have been all over to make a reboot work, but sadly & despite everyone’s best efforts, it won’t happen,” Duff stated on Instagram.

I want any reboot of Lizzie to be truthful and genuine to who Lizzie would be now. ‘They are not perfect,’ you might think, but keep in mind that it is the actor’s job to play the part. It’s what the character deserves.’

‘The times have been so tough,’ she said. Adding, ‘We all did our best, but the stars just didn’t align.’

What Would’ve Been The Lizzie McGuire Reboot’s Plot?

The new Lizzie Borden series will follow Lizzie in her thirties in New York City, according to the initial plan.

Lizzie has developed as a person and, hence, her wardrobe has evolved as well. She’s older and wiser now, and she’s got a lot more money to spend on shoes. ‘Lizzie is also grown up; she’s taller, she’s smarter,’ added Duff during Disney D23 Expo in August 2019.

‘She’s got her ideal job, and she’s living it up right now as an apprentice to a high-end New York City decorator.


Of course, we can see that it won’t stay this way for long. Unfortunately, we won’t see adult Lizzie encounter the various obstacles that she was supposed to overcome now that the reboot has been canceled.

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A new love interest was also supposed to be introduced for Lizzie. I was so disappointed to find out that Lizzie and David “Gordo” Gordon (Adam Lamberg) did not end up together in the reboot.

‘Ah! is a common response in the sequel to a breakup. Whether it’s driving around in their cars, or drinking together at the same table with friends, I feel like they’d be better off if they weren’t apart.

‘It’s not as if money is the only issue. I’ve been in this world for a long time, and Lizzie has an excellent partner who’s been with her for two years,’ says Duff.

Despite this, Gordo was still anticipated to return for the reboot, although it was unclear how he would integrate into Lizzie’s new reality.

When does Will The Production start For Lizzie McGuire’s Reboot?

The first day of filming for the new X-Files has been announced by Josh McDermitt, who plays Dr. Phil Burke in the reboot. Photos from the set were also released.

She shared additional set photos throughout the production, and fans were eagerly anticipating the premiere. Unfortunately, in December 2020, she announced the program’s cancellation on Twitter.

What exactly were the “creative differences” that led to the cancellation of Lizzie McGuire’s reboot?

Lizzie was originally intended to be “more adult” than Duff and Minsky wanted, but Disney+ does not want to go too far.

Love, Victor was transferred to Hulu in late February because Disney felt it wasn’t ‘family-friendly’ enough. Duff posted an Instagram story screenshot of the announcement, adding the comment, “Sounds familiar …”


The actress captioned the photo with, “I’m in love this week.” A few days later, she uploaded a video to Instagram in which she said, “This week has been my favorite ever. So much wonderful that it’s hard to keep track! #FairytaleFeeling#LittleVegas”

I was really looking forward to launching on D+ and my enthusiasm is still there! However, I feel an enormous responsibility to keep the fan’s connection with LIZZIE, like me, who grew up admiring herself in her. ‘It’s like saying, “My journey is one that any 30-year-old could replicate.”‘

She added, “It’s critical to me that Victoria’s subsequent phases are as genuine and applicable as her previous ones. ‘I would be ecstatic if Disney approved us migrating the show to Hulu if they were interested, and I could resurrect this beloved character.’

Minsky shared the same sentiments. Variety says she was let go from her profession after finishing two episodes.

‘I’m so happy with the two episodes we produced,’ Minsky said in an interview with Variety. Hilary has a firm understanding of Lizzie McGuire at 30 that should not be missed. It’s a spectacular thing to observe. I’d want the show to exist, but if I had my way, it’d be on Hulu with all of the same production values as before. That’s when I really have no idea what you’re talking about. It’s essential to me that this program had an impact on others.

As of the latest update, the restart is yet to advance. Are you among the legions of Lizzie McGuire fans who were disappointed by the show’s cancellation?


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