The Lincoln project advertisement accused the GOP of “acting like China, Iran and North Korea” for refusing to accept Trump’s election loss.

Lincoln Project, Presidential Opposition Donald Trump The Conservative group on Friday released a new ad comparing the Republican Party to China, North Korea, Iran and Russia for refusing to accept Trump’s election defeat.

The 67-second clip opens with photographs taken throughout American history, beginning with the founding fathers and signing the Declaration of Independence.

“First they fought to give birth to a democracy, then generations fought and died to defend democracy,” a voice said. “In 2020, Americans voted. Joe Biden He was elected president with the most votes cast for a president in American history. “

Most media and television networks called for a race on Saturday to elect President-elect Joe Biden. The Democrats received at least 290 electoral college votes, exceeding the 270 required to win the election, but Trump disagreed. Over the past week, the president has accused Democrats of rigging elections and has filed a series of lawsuits in war-torn states. Top Republicans have not yet broken with Trump or publicly acknowledged Biden’s victory.

Scenes for the Lincoln Project Advertising cut out photos of Democratic and Republican politicians during the 2020 election cycle, as well as citizens going to the polls on November 3rd.

“But still, most Republican leaders refuse to accept the outcome of the democratic process. This is shameful, cowardly and not American,” the voiceover continues. “All over the world, our enemies are attacking the United States, claiming that we are not really a democracy. Now the Republican Party is acting like Russia, Iran, North Korea, China.”

US President Donald Trump walks into the White House in Washington DC on November 13, 2020 to talk about Operation Warp Speed ​​at the Rose Garden.
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The video encourages viewers to call on their Republican officials to begin accepting the victory of Biden’s White House.

“Aren’t these Republicans Americans? If a president is not legally elected, no one is legally elected. Call your Republican officials and tell them to start acting like Americans and support democracy,” the voice ended. “The question is whether the United States or Trump will win in 2020. The United States has won. It is time for the Republicans to put the United States first.”

The most powerful members of the GOP stood behind allegations of Trump and voter fraud, but at least four senators – Mitt Romney of Utah, Susan Collins of Maine, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska and Ben Chasse of Nebraska, and a handful of other Republican officials greeted Pita.

The news of the Lincoln project echoes the comments made by Pitton’s deputy campaign manager, Kate Beddingfield. On Thursday, more members of the Republican Party in Beddingfield came forward to accept Biden’s victory, as constituencies began to press for it to do so.

“I think he’s going to feel the pressure coming from his members, just as others across this country are going to feel.” She said. “I mean, people voted overwhelmingly for the Biden-Harris ticket, but don’t forget, they also voted for unity. They voted overwhelmingly for a leader who could see consensus, who could move forward, who could actually move the ball forward.”

Newsweek The Senate majority approached the Speaker Mitch McConnellRepresentatives for feedback.

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