‘The Hook Up Plan’ Season 3: Is Official Series Out or Not?


Everything We Know So Far About ‘The Hook Up Plan’ Season 3

The final season of The Hook Up Plan wrapped up the six episodes with a satisfactory conclusion. Is it possible that the French friends will return for more adventures?

This post has recently been reviewed and is up to date as of June 5, 2021.

Netflix has followed through with its goal of offering varied, world-class entertainment to its customers.

The Netflix Originals brand is now expanding worldwide, and the streaming service has been acquiring a number of programs in different languages. The French comedy-drama series The Hook Up Plan is just one of the many international Netflix Originals that it has acquired.

The Hook Up Plan uncovers the intricacies of modern love and friendship. We’re just one question away from knowing what’s next for the show. Season 2 of the series debuted last year, and we have only one concern. Will it manage to survive Netflix’s notorious practice of removing series after the second season? Let’s find out.

Is the Hook Up Plan being re-upped for Season 3?

The third season of The Hook Up was just confirmed! After more than a year of waiting, fans were able to exhale when the streamer revealed the show’s renewal. The second season of Black Mirror is set to be released on Netflix in October 2019, and the show was officially renewed in December 2020. Unfortunately, the series will come to an end this season.

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When Does The Hook Up Plan Season 3 Come Out On Netflix?

As of this update, there is still no release date for season 3. We’ll keep you informed as soon as new information becomes available.

Who will star in The Hook Up Plan Season 3?

The three major characters are expected to reprise their parts for season 3.

Zita Hanrot, Sabrina Ouazani, and Josephine Drai play Elsa, Charlotte, and Emilie, respectively.

Syrus Shahidi, who plays Antoine, is a newcomer to the cast. Marc Ruchmann, Jules, and Guillaume Labbe play Maxime and Matthieu, while Tom Dingler is Matthieu.

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What Happened in Season 2 of The Hook Up Plan?

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

The Hook Up Plan is based on the notion that two friends try their hardest to assist their loveless friend find love– or at the very least someone to spend lonely nights with, without strings attached. In the first season, Charlotte and Emilie hired a male escort named Julio to take Elsa on a few dates. This didn’t turn out well, as the two’s supposed casual dating relationship progressed somewhat deeper. In Season 2, Elsa returns to France after four months in Buenos Aires. She finds herself in serious trouble, and her friends turned to Max (Guillaume Labbe) for assistance.

The last episode of the second season, appropriately titled ‘The Love Plan,’ shows Elsa snatching the microphone after hearing Julio’s song for her during Antoine and Emilie’s wedding reception. She delivered an emotional appeal, and she was able to persuade Julio to give their relationship another chance. With a kiss, the two sealed their contract, and the celebration continued.

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Elsa and Julio’s renewed love and the girls’ unwavering support for one another will likely be the focus of season 3. Charlotte has already caught the bouquet during Emilie’s wedding, so we expect her to walk down the aisle next.

The Hook Up Plan Season 3 Trailer – When Is It Out?

The third season’s trailer has not been released. Meanwhile, watch the season 2 trailer for The Hook Up Plan to refresh your memories of it.


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