The Good Place Season 4: Is it a Goodbye to Good Place?


Who doesn’t love to watch comedy shows? And when comedy is accompanied by fantasy,it’s a cherry on the cake. Isn’t it? These kinds of shows are always feel-good and light hearted that you wouldn’t be wanting to miss for any good cause. So today let’s talk about one such popular show called The Good Place.

Well, Good Place is one such series that will make you laugh and get you awestruck at the same time.

About The Show The Good Place

The Good Place is a typical American Comedy and fantasy series which focuses on life after death. Produced by Michael Schur, The show telecasted its first episode on September 19 2016 on National Broadcasting Company.

The Good Place Season Four out now!

The show has four seasons so far which proved to be a huge hit among the masses. It was widely acclaimed due to its morality, Acting and Script and is the recipient of various Awards and Honours including the Peabody Award and three Hugo Awards.

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Plot of The Good Place Season 4

The Good Place is centred around an afterlife scenario wherein humans are transported to “good place ” or “bad place” according to their deeds committed in the past lives. The good place offers all kinds of riches and resources and fulfills all the demands of the people,regulated by an artificial Intelligence, Janet whereas Bad Place is just the opposite of this where people who didn’t have good conduct in their previous life are made to undergo torture for all eternity.

A still from the show

The show then introduces us to a self centred and egotistic woman named Eleanor. Eleanor is now deceased who has been mistakenly sent to the good place. Michael,the architect of the Good Place, warmly welcomes her; however Eleanor soon realizes that she is here because of an error. Chidi, a moral philosopher, is designated as Eleanor’s soulmate and strives to teach them the ethics of the good place.

But later on (in season 4) a shocking revelation takes place when Eleanor discovers that they have actually been chosen for an experiment and all this while they have been in the bad place. They realize that nobody has been sent to the good place for centuries. The experiment is meant to know whether humans have a scope of redemption in the afterlife or not.

A still from the series

Season 4 of the show is all about the long term experiment proving that humans can show moral growth and atonement in the afterlife. A new law is set up according to which humans have to pass a series of tests to enter the good place. The show finally ends on a happy note with Michael being sent to the earth as a human and Eleanor,Chidi and Jason exiting the afterlife.

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Will There Be a Season 5 Of The Good Place

Season four was the final season of the show and there won’t be anymore seasons thereafter.

According to an official statement made by the producer of The Good Place, it was all pre planned and that he wanted a proper closure for the show rather than giving it an open ending.

It may come as a big disappointment for the ardent viewers of the show that they won’t be able to watch their favourite series after this season but till then you can relish the other seasons of the show and give us your valuable feedback in the comment box below.


The stellar starcast of The Good Place is one of the main reasons for the show to be successful and appealing to the audience.

  1. Kristen Bell as Eleanor Shellstrop
  2. Ted Danson as Michael
  3. D’Arcy Carden as Janet
  4. Manny Jacinto as Jason
  5. Maya Rudolph as The Judge
  6. William Jackson as Chidi
  7. Jameela Jamil as Tahani

Official Trailer

To catch the official First look Trailer of The Good Place Season four, click on the given link below.

Ratings and Reviews

The Good Place Season four has got a decent ranking of 8.5 /10 on IMDb and 8.3/10 on Rotten Tomatoes based on 52 Critics Ratings and 692 User Ratings.

No wonder,why fans desperately want yet another season of the blockbuster series.

Where to stream The Good Place Season 4 episodes ?

You can watch all episodes of The Good Place on the Official Netflix App, Hulu Tv and NBC app and website.


Well, That’s all for today folks. Now, without wasting a moment anymore, go, turn on your TV and binge watch all the episodes of The Good Place Season Four. It is refreshing, humorous and has all the elements of a parody of the comedy genre.

Stay tuned with us to get all the interesting updates regarding your favourite shows.


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