The “expensive” princess shoes that Gooshe gave to Christina Ferreira

CRistina Ferreira received a guest star this week on TVI’s Cristina ComVida: Manuel Luís Goucha.

The reunion between the TV duo led Christina to offer on the air a very special gift that she received in September of last year, on her birthday, from her friend. We are talking about shoes for an incredible princess.

“I saw those shoes and said to Roy, ‘I have to buy them. These shoes are your life,’” she begins with telling the presenter.

For Goucha, this unique, custom-made piece depicts the story of a rubber cat who became a princess, and can be compared to that of Christina Ferrara.

“You start shyly on TV, and then become the woman you are in this country,” she asserts.

The stunning shoes, which were “very expensive” according to the presenter, were all made of Swarovski crystals.

Christina has not used this gift yet, and the spokeswoman says she is waiting for a special occasion to do so.

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