The Cuphead Season 3: Is Season 3 Canceled or Will It Be Released?

The cuphead show season 3

The Cuphead Show! is an animated slapstick comedy TV show that debuted on February 18, 2022, with 12 episodes in its first season. People didn’t like that the episodes were only about 15 minutes long and that the writing wasn’t very good, but they did like how the show looked.

The show’s second season, with 13 episodes, came out on Netflix on August 19. Only two episodes in the new season are longer than the ones in the first season. Episode 3 is 26 minutes long and Episode 8 is 19 minutes long. The length of a few other episodes went down to 11 or 12 minutes.

Cuphead and Mugman are brothers who find out that the Devil is trying to steal souls through a skeeball game at a carnival. Cuphead plays the game on the spur of the moment, and when he loses, he loses his soul. However, his brother is always by his side, trying to protect him no matter what.

So, we should ask, what about a third season? Will there be a third season of The Cuphead Show where Cuphead and Mugman continue to fight the Devil? Just keep reading to find out.

What is The Cuphead Show Based On?

Fans of the show are well aware that it is based on Studio MDHR’s Cuphead, a video game originally developed and published in Canada. Just as we indicated up there, the Moldenhauer brothers are the game’s developers. They’re in charge of the show’s production overall.

the cuphead season 3

Cuphead and Mugman are brothers who help the Devil by retrieving the souls he has collected. The player’s character grows in strength throughout the game, eventually becoming a formidable opponent against the Devil himself.

The Cuphead Show Season 3 Release Date

When Netflix picked up the show in 2019, neither the company nor the creators said how many episodes or seasons it would have. Before the first season came out, though, we heard that Netflix had ordered 37 episodes of the show. In Season 1, there were 12 episodes, and in Season 2, there were 13. This means that Season 3 will have 12 more episodes.

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The official release date of the third season isn’t known yet, but based on how long it took between the first and second seasons to come out, it will be at least six months before Season 3 comes out. We think that the third season of The Cuphead Show could come out in February 2023.

Cast and Characters of Season 3 

  • Tru Valentino as Cuphead, Gameshow Announcer
  • Frank Todaro as Mugman, Sargent Gumbo Gumbull, Jerry, Earthworm
  • Grey Griffin as Ms. Chalice, Hilda Berg, Emma, Dorris, Screwdriver, Mrs. Mayor
  • Joe Hanna as Elder Kettle, Sal Spudder
  • Luke Millington-Drake as The Devil
  • Wayne Brady as King Dice
  • David Wasson as Henchman, Telephone, Bee Cop, Ice Cream Man
  • Andrew Morgado as Stickler, Sherman, Mr. Mayor
  • Chris Wylde as Ribby
  • Rick Zieff as Croaks
  • Cosmo Segurson as Porkrind, Chauncey Chantenay, Elephant, Hot Dog
  • Jim Conroy as Ollie Bulb, Jasper and Duke [3]
  • Christina Milizia as Baby Bottle
  • Keith Ferguson as Bowlboy
  • Gary Anthony Williams as Quadratus
  • Kimberly Brooks as Elephant Grandma
  • Candi Milo as Cherry and Brandywine
  • Zoe Moss as Baroness Von Bon Bon, Whippet Creampup
  • Jason Vande Brake as Captain Brineybeard
  • Natasia Demetriou as Cala Maria

Is The Cuphead Show kid friendly?

Yes, this is the short answer to this question. The show is mostly made for young people, especially kids. It has a TV-Y7 rating, which means that kids over 7 can watch it. The showrunners, Chad and Jared Moldenhauer said that the show is good for kids, but they also said that adults can watch it, too. Also, the episodes don’t run into each other, so kids will have no trouble keeping track of what’s going on.

the cuphead season 3

Even with all of this, it’s important to remember that this is a slapstick comedy, which means there is a lot of violence in cartoon form. In some scenes, some characters are also rude, while others, like the Devil, are just evil. Still, the show doesn’t have any sexual content, so we think it’s good for kids over the age of 7.



Netflix confirmed in July 2019 that they would be airing at least ten episodes of the show. The series will be animated, albeit it won’t be made by hand like the video game was because that would take too long. Among the executive producers are StudioMDHR’s Chad and Jared Moldenhauer and King Features Syndicate’s CJ Kettler.

Both Clay Morrow and Adam Paloian will serve as supervising directors, with Dave Wasson and Cosmo Segurson serving as co-executive producers. As of the 25th of June, four of the ten episodes’ worth of animatics had been released onto the website 4chan without the approval of Studio MDHR or Netflix. Neither the thief nor the perpetrator of this theft has been identified.


Most people liked The Cuphead Show!, and the animation, visuals, and dedication to the original game got a lot of praise. But a common complaint about the show was that it didn’t have much going on.

Trailer of Season 3

Since the third season’s renewal or release is unknown, so is the trailer’s release. You can watch the second season trailer until then. The second season trailer seems good. The new season’s adventures look musical and exciting. Season 3’s trailer hasn’t been updated, thus its release date can’t be projected.

Where To Watch The Cuphead Show Season 3 Online?

You should watch this series if you enjoy animated television or if you simply want a change of pace and a few good laughs. Netflix is the only place you can stream the animated series The Cuphead Show. There are now 12 episodes available from the first season. When season 2 is finally released, new episodes will be added.

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