The Cuomo Govt curfew order goes into effect Friday; NYC prepares to close schools soon Monday – NBC New York

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  • A 10-night curfew order for indoor service in bars, restaurants and gyms goes into effect in New York on Friday; Andrew Cuomo has imposed a 10-person cap on meetings inside private homes since Friday
  • In NYC, on the verge of a 3% school closure threshold, the rolling positive rate reached 2.83% on Friday; Mayor de Blasio told parents to have a plan Monday morning
  • These developments have come in the midst of an American uprising that has not touched any state; The country hit 100k + daily cases on Thursday for the 9th day; That too The single-day lawsuit broke the record It was set a day earlier

New COVID controls Comes into effect Friday night across New York State Imposing curfew orders in restaurants and gyms and limiting meetings in private homes to 10, New York City is preparing to move schools to all distances.

Mayor Bill de Blasio told parents on Friday that they should “have a plan for Monday” as the positive rate of rolling around the city would hit the school strike limit (3 percent) over the weekend. As of Friday, the rate was 2.83 percent, the highest level since June 8. The daily case average is at its maximum since May.

Last week, the mayor stressed that a citywide school strike was inevitable, trying to empower New Yorkers to seize control of their fate and reduce the positive rate. At this point, this seems like a foregone conclusion.

De Blasio also reminded New York City of the new rules coming into force Friday night statewide on the governor’s orders. Bars and restaurants are required to suspend indoor service until 10 pm, although they may continue to serve food. Gyms should also be closed by 10 p.m. Also from Friday: Community meetings in private homes have up to 10 people. Government Andrew Cuomo said they were the three “best spreads” identified by contact discovery in recent weeks.

Similar activities Effective Thursday in New Jersey, The governor of Connecticut went to private residential meetings a week ago.

Cuomo hopes the new measures will help slow the virus outbreak in New York, but if they do not, he is prepared to take further action. He said you can start with tough skill caps on indoor dining. In New York City, Mayor de Blasio said months ago that he would dine again if the city’s seven-day rolling positive rate was more than 2 percent, but he agreed it was the governor’s call.

Corona virus cases across Tristate have reached unseen heights for months, causing concern among both citizens and elected officials. News Force’s Brian Thompson and Andrew Chiff live with team coverage describing recent restrictions placed on New Jersey and New York

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However, what he wants to stick to is the 3 percent he set to move all New York City schools back to a certain distance for a certain period of time. That door is nearby.

As of Friday, New York City’s rolling positive rate was 2.83 percent, up nearly 9 percent from the previous day, at a pace that could hit the strike limit at any time. This has increased every day this week, reflecting the increase in daily cases since late October. If it hits 3 percent, de Blasio says city schools will move all the distance the next school day. The city’s Department of Education sent a letter to principals Thursday.

“I urge all schools to be very vigilant and to keep our school communities safe and to be ready for a time of brief distance learning, computer-level, in short,” said Chancellor Richard Corranza’s letter. “While no decision has been made on computer-level change for distance learning, every major school principal knows that we must be prepared for every situation.”

Andrew Cuomo has imposed new restrictions on three key sources of COVID spreading in New York, citing rising virus rates in the country and around the world, threatening to accidentally increase the number of holidays domestically. NBC New York’s KP Acevedo reports.

Schools have been a bright spot for New York City in the fight against the corona virus. The randomized test shows a positive rate of just 0.17 percent, making it the most successful individual learning test in the country’s largest school system so far among epidemics.

With that number in mind, De Blasio was asked on Thursday whether the closed limit could be increased from 3 per cent. For example, statewide, Guomo has set a 9 percent rolling positive rate limit for school closures. The mayor says he has been sticking with the unions of teachers and principals personally over the summer after sticking to that 3 percent limit, despite a summer battle over school safety.

Michael Mulcrew, president of the city’s largest teachers’ union, said in a statement on Friday that the union “fully anticipates” the transition to full-distance learning if we continue this trend of epidemics in the city.

Asked on Friday if he thought Guomo might interfere, as he has done in the past, de Blasio said his team had been in close contact with the state for the past 48 hours and that he felt the governor would value his standards. Cuomo, for his part, has not commented on the matter in the last two days in particular.

“It’s a rule, we made it very clear there,” De Blasio explained. “Any day we see indicators coming out in the morning and if they reach that level, we will move immediately. Schools will be closed the next day.”

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“If we come to a closure, we are going to evaluate what we need to do to come back as soon as possible,” he said. “At that point, we’ll look at a variety of options, because now we have something we do not have – evidence of how things work in this environment.”

As of Friday, there were no clear indications of how the reopening path would work. Will there be a positive rate limit? Does it stick to 3 percent? Will there be strict test orders? Will the city reopen with age, as it did when we returned to the chat in early September?

There is a lot of uncertainty. The numbers are clear. And jarring.

The city’s daily case average has risen since the beginning of November. Last week, it hit 600 for the first time since the beginning of June. By Wednesday it was 817. On Friday, it reached 916, up 12 percent in two days and the highest total since May 17th. That daily case average is Oct.

A less measurable sign that the situation has worsened: test centers now see long lines even in the evenings that were not an hour ago. CTMD, which operates more than 130 emergency care centers in the states of New York, New Jersey and Washington, wrote in an email to patients on Friday that long lines are the “daily truth” in all its triangular locations with a sharp rise in COVID-19 cases in the region. “

Across the state, the numbers increased, though not certainly in the high-speed way they did in March and April. New York has seen an average of more than 4,800 new cases in the past two days, half of the number seen at the height of the crisis, but more than four times the daily total for the start of September.

The seven-day rolling positive rate, which provides the most accurate picture over time, is at its highest level since May 29 (2.6 percent). This represents a 44 percent increase over the past seven days.

Daily percentage of positive tests in the New York region

The government is breaking up the state into 10 parts for Andrew Cuomo testing purposes and monitoring positive rates to identify potential hotspots. Here is the latest tracking data based on region and for five metropolitan areas. For the latest district-wide results across the state, Click here

The increase is steep in neighboring New Jersey, where on Thursday he faced further questions about the impact of the new restrictions, with frustrated Gov. Bill Murphy responding, “Do you know what an embarrassing and annoying thing is? When you die.”

It’s not spring, officials say – the numbers are definitely not over yet. But with the new regulations coming into effect on the brink of strike in the Trinity area and New York City schools, the concern is certainly well known to the millions of people who are once again concerned about their children and their livelihoods. Numbers will rise; They don’t have to morph into April’s dream peaks, but officials say they can certainly.

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The New Jersey health commissioner on Thursday pleaded that these latest round rules, which are much looser than spring strikes, should serve as a call to raise the highest urgency.

New COVID regulations have come into force in New Jersey, some of which reflect the limits announced by the government’s Andrew Cuomo to be imposed in New York a day later, as the Governor of the Garden State seeks to overcome what he described as a “disaster”. Recent increase in virus numbers. Report by NBC New York’s Cheeky Beckford and Ray Wilda.

“If we are relaxed, if we continue on this path, our government will return to the situation we were in last spring,” said Judy Percicili. “This is a wake-up call. We need your help.”

New Jersey on Thursday announced the third day of more than 3,000 new lawsuits, the first of its kind since April. The 3,877 new cases reported on Tuesday were not far from the one-day high of 4,391. Wednesday’s report fell below 3,000 and rose to 3,517 on Thursday.

Hospital admissions across the triangular area have been at an all-time high since June. The treatment is generally more effective than it was in April, and while ventilator use is much lower for hospitalized patients, hospitalization should be expected to continue to increase among vulnerable populations over the next few weeks. That regression increases in cases. And deaths are lagging behind in combinations.

Tripartite (and US) hospitals have been storing in PPE supplies for several months since the first wave of the virus began to subside, and now there are possibilities to access those stations. Hospital admissions to the Hokensock Meridian Healthcare system have increased six-fold in two months.

At the current diffusion rate, dThe United States is fast approaching 20 million cases before Christmas, NBC News data has found. This is now twice the maximum worldwide. No state is untouchable by the recent uprising in the United States.

The country hit more than 100,000 cases on Thursday for the ninth day in a row. That too Increase the new record in daily events, With nearly 160,000 confirmed infections, topping the previous record of 148,000 on Wednesday. California also linked more than a million confirmed cases to Texas.

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