‘The Chosen One’ Season 3 Release Date: Confirmed Or Canceled?


Will there be a third season of the Brazilian thriller, which was recently renewed for two seasons?

This post was most recently reviewed on March 24, 2021, and is still up to date.

The World War I drama The OutsIDER (O Escolhido) is one of Netflix’s latest international original programs.

The heart-stopping Brazilian thriller follows a young doctor, his girlfriend, and their friends as they attempt to survive the deadly viruses spreading throughout the community.

Is it true that the large streamer is bringing back The Big House on Netflix for another season?

Here’s what we’ve discovered thus far.

Has ‘The Chosen One’ Been Renewed For Season Three?

As of this moment, there is still no word on the renewal status of ‘ (O Escolhido).’ The Brazilian crime drama has two seasons on Netflix, each with six nerve-racking episodes.

On June 28, 2019, the series debuted on Netflix. Season 2 debuted on December 6, 2012, and Season 3 followed soon after on March 7, 2013.

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When Will ‘The Chosen One’ Season 3 Be On Netflix?

Season 3 of CandidTV (O Escolhido) has yet to be ordered. The program only has six episodes, however, which means that it will probably be finished faster.

There was only a six-month gap between the premiere of season 1 and that of season 2. We’re anticipating that season 3 production would follow the same timeline, but we can never rule out delays owing to the coronavirus pandemic if the series is renewed promptly.

What Is The ‘The Chosen One’ Season 3 Storyline?

Following three young physicians as they attempt to immunize an entire population against a mutated Zika virus, O Escolhido (The Chosen One) is a Brazilian medical disaster film. A deadly mutant virus has appeared, and it is threatening to wipe out the tiny village’s entire population unless everyone is vaccinated in time.

A seemingly simple job turned out to be a deadly assignment. The villagers were brainwashed by a secretive cult leader known as “The Doctor.” While attempting to unravel the mysteries of the hidden society while also enduring the unimaginable fury of people who trust in the power of religion rather than science, they were pulled into an uncomfortable situation.

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Season 2 of The Punisher, which premiered in 2004, introduces a number of new conflicts that the protagonist must face. The show improves in terms of drama as the season progresses. The cult leader grows more ruthless. In the end, ‘ was severely damaged by the villagers’ deceptions to an all-time high.

If the series is renewed for a third season, we’re anticipating even more pulse-pounding episodes as we follow the narrative developments of the primary characters.

Who Will Be In The Cast Of ‘The Chosen One (O Escolhido) Season 3’?

Nothing is certain yet, but we may see major actors reprise their roles.

Paloma Bernardi, Pedro Caetano, and Gutto Szuster play the young doctors Lucia Santeiro, Damiao Almeida, and Enzo Vergani in the series’ all Brazilian cast.

The ever-mysterious cult leader known as “Ranabis” will also return for another face-off, according to rumors. Renan Tenca, who plays the enigmatic cult leader, is also expected to return.

The Third Season of ‘the Chosen One’ (O Escolhido) Has Been Released.

The third season of O Escolhido has yet to be given the green light.

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We will continue to monitor for new information on your behalf.

Meanwhile, check out the show’s season 1 synopsis below, which was published in April.


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