The CDC says the new Govt strain in the United States could emphasize ‘overburdened’ hospitals

CDC Headquarters in Atlanta

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Officials from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Wednesday was a new strain Govit-19 As it is now circulating in the United States, the corona virus may further infect hospitals that are already overcrowded.

Colorado health officials announced Tuesday that this is the first case of a new and more contagious case of the virus initially detected in the UK. CDC officials said the second separate new strain, first identified in South Africa, may already be circulating in the United States.

“As variations spread so rapidly, they can lead to more lawsuits and put even more pressure on our health care systems, which are already heavily burdened,” Dr. Henry Valke, the agency’s incident manager, told a news conference.

Available data indicate that the new variant spreads “much easier and faster than other strains”, but does not appear to cause more severe disease or increase mortality.

He noted that a person infected with the new strain of the virus in Colorado has no travel history, which “suggests that this variation has spread from person to person in the United States.” He said its arrival in the United States was “expected” considering how widespread this variation is in the UK.

“Viruses are constantly evolving through mutations, and we expect new types to emerge over time,” he said. “Many mutations lead to irreversible variations in how the virus affects people. However, sometimes, such easily contagious variants develop.”

“Experts believe our current vaccines will be effective against new strains,” he said. Scientists are still exploring how new strains respond to Covit-19 treatments such as monoclonal antibodies and active plasma.

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Dr. Greg Armstrong, director of the CDC’s Advanced Molecular Detection Office, said the claim that vaccines are effective against the new variant is based on “experience with similar previous mutations”. He said immunity triggered by a different strain through a previous infection would also be effective against these new strains.

National and state laboratories across the country are testing to see if there are other types in the United States and how widespread the variation found in the UK is. CDC is increasing its national monitoring program, which will deploy 750 samples per week.

He said the company has been contracting with education centers across the country to deploy samples and look for new varieties locally. Those centers are located in Boston, New Haven, Connecticut, Athens, Georgia, Nashville, Tennessee, Madison, Wisconsin and Scripps in San Diego.

“There are plenty of laboratories around the United States with this capability,” he said. “Many of them are looking for this variation now.”

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