The case of democratic espionage shook the United States during the Trump administration

Democrats and independent lawyers have strongly criticized the Donald Trump administration for withholding data from elected officials in the United States, and have called for reform of the administration's "spy forces."

Democrats Adam Schiff and Eric Schwelle recently told tech company Apple that the U.S. Justice Department needs some of their information in 2017 and 2018, following an investigation into the leak.

Members of the House of Representatives' investigative committee have both commented on the & # 39; sophisticated & # 39; suspicious alliance between Moscow and the Donald Trump administration. Suspected of leaking information about the investigation to the media, which marked the beginning of the Republican presidency, AFP reported.

In the United States, leaking confidential information is illegal, and federal prosecutors may issue search and arrest warrants to find evidence. Until now, however, members of parliament did not appear to have been the target of this type of approach.

"This is a complete abuse of power and an attack on the separation of powers," said Senate Democrat leader Chuck Schumer, who invited former justice ministers Jeff Sessions and Bill Barr to report to the Senate Judiciary Committee.

The Inspector General of the Judiciary has also announced an inquiry into "the use of sub-bonuses and other legal means by the Department to obtain information about communications with members of Congress or the media with the media."

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