The Best Days (and Places) to Buy Shoes in 2022

The Best Days (and Places) to Buy Shoes in 2022

The shoe market is growing at an exponential rate. According to Industry Technology Reports, the industry is set to be worth $269.9 billion by 2025. This shows a CAGR of 3.8%, exhibiting just how much potential the industry has in the years to come.

In recent times, big-name brands have collaborated with celebrities and influential personalities. Examples of this include Nike’s collaboration with Drake and Kanye with Adidas. Even young stars are getting in on the act, with Millie Bobbie Brown releasing her own line with shoe titans Converse. That being said, there are times when the shoes we want are either not in stock or sold at high prices. So, here are some tips to score the pair you want without breaking the bank:

Where to buy

In the USA there are many options for people to buy, if you have a friend in the USA they can ship any product you want to you via sites like Ship7 or they can buy for you and use Shipixy to send you the product with the best international shipping rates.

Black Friday

This day is known to kick off the holidays. This is why lots of places and companies put on sales, cutting prices anywhere between 10-80%. Consumers resort to camping outside establishments just so they can get the first pick on the items they want. And shoes are no exception when it comes to getting them at cheaper price points.

Independence Day

America is known to go all-out on the fourth of July. It’s a day of barbeques and fireworks, but it’s also a day for sales. In line with the nationwide celebration, lots of establishments have big sales. So, take advantage of this day to add a few more shoes to your wardrobe.

Labor Day

What better way to celebrate the country’s hard workers than by offering them deals they simply cannot resist? Labor Day is another holiday known for its incredibly low prices and high shopping rates. It’s a great opportunity to not only buy shoes but also clothes and knickknacks for the upcoming colder months of the year,

Where to buy

Department Stores

Some people have a tendency to go straight to a company’s outlet store or standalone shop, but this tends to be a common mistake among consumers. Alive reports that you’ll likely find items in a department store that are much cheaper. This is because department stores buy items in bulk, which is why they’re able to sell for lower. Additionally, offering lower prices is a great way to get ahead of other consumers. So, try checking out your local department store first to see if they have your desired kicks at a better price.

Online Communities

Online communities are another great place to purchase shoes. This is because they are typically filled with enthusiasts who share a passion for the same hobby. They go to great lengths to keep the condition of their footwear in tip-top shape, and some members even own rare models that are hard to find. SoleSavy is a great online community to join because they put a huge emphasis on quality.

Their members will help you get your hands on quality shoes from legitimate brands. Aside from this, you can also connect with likeminded people in an online community that provides guidance on what places you can purchase shoes that are harder to find.

Thrift Stores

Lastly, if you are on a tight budget, or you are looking for something that is no longer being manufactured, check out thrift stores. Thrift stores are shops where people donate things they no longer use. There are also times when people give away things that haven’t even been worn. For those who haven’t visited one of these stores yet, The Daily Good has a guide that you can follow.

They instruct you to plan ahead, dress comfortably, and shop with cash (so you won’t spend impulsively). The website also mentions that if you are planning to become a regular, try befriending the staff. They might even save you pieces they know you’d like.

For those who love shoes, finding the right time to shop and the ideal price points are factors you should always consider. These are just some of the days and places you will be able to score some of your favorite kicks.

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