The Apple Watch leak provides a rare display in Apple’s ‘Ultra Security Program’

New images and video motives for showing the Apple Watch prototype hidden by a security case similar to a small iPad, provide a rare look behind the product-development screen of the ugly secret company built by Steve Jobs. First Teased a few months ago By a Twitter user Apple Demo, Which is the first look at the device running Apple’s own internal development applications in a pre-WatchOS 1.0 software development.

The video begins by appearing as the original card packaging used to deliver the prototype hardware to the testers. “This product is classified as an Apple secret and has been designated an ‘ultra’ security program,” the label reads. The labeling is vague to obscure the appearance of the device, saying “this prototype should be recalled or returned during your time”. A sticker on the back of the prototype device shows a “PVT” configuration, which means that the prototype test (engineering) is in line with the language found in previous Apple development hardware. The EVD board for the original iPhone was leaked.

The original card packaging is used to send the prototype hardware to the testers.
Image: Apple Demo

When the touchscreen device is turned on, you can see that it is configured to display Apple’s own internal applications. One was the “Lisa Tester”, identified with the icon of Lisa Simpson, but a tribute to the daughter of Jobs and Apple’s Lisa computer – one of the first computers to have a GUI interface. The utility allows testers to change the UI components of the prototype watch. The “Springboard Zoom” application found within the Lisa tester is very similar to the original WatchOS home screen launched on the first Apple Watch in 2015.

There is no digital crown for navigation. Instead the buttons on the right side of the case can be used for home and electricity. The Home button on the front and the volume up / down buttons on the left are never used and will never work. Clicking on Settings indicates that the device has not been approved by the FCC for sale, adding further confirmation of its prototype status.

The “Lisa Tester” can be accessed via the Lisa Simpson icon.
Image: Apple Demo

Assuming the prototype is real – it certainly seems so – then this is a remarkable example of a pre-made Apple device that we would never want to see.

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