The actual price of the PlayStation 5

This past week I have been watching eBay trying to decide if I want to sell my PS5. I would never dream of becoming a scholar, but it is hard to ignore how much it is worth. My daughter and I hit it off Astro Pot And Miles Morales, So I thought I would try to get into the resale market. Wow, are they worth a lot!

Not only that PlayStation 5 – I found that Xbox Series X and SOf Nvidia RTX 3090, 3080, 3070, And 3060 d Graphics cards and AMD’s competitor RX6800 And 6800 XD GPUs all command incredibly high prices in the resale market. I no longer wonder how every big ticket holiday gaming gadget sells any time they are restarted; The incentive for scholars is very high. Even people like me, who have bought something that wants to use it, will have to think twice. (That’s capitalism for you.)

Example: The full-fat PlayStation 5 with disk drive sells for $ 499.99. But it is easily worth it Double It’s on eBay: I To average the actual final selling price of a hundred PS5s, after a few definite publishers, to come to a street price $ 1,024. You remember, it’s not the asking price: people actually pay for these consoles.

I ran the same numbers for the PS5 digital version, the new Xboxes and six graphics cards. The results are here:

I did not remove any open box or consoles to get these numbers, especially as you can easily see how strong the demand for the PS5 is: even the PS5 digital version (without the disk drive) is worth almost $ 100 more retailers.

While scanning, I also found that extra games, including controllers or accessories, were not even needed: sometimes it was enough to justify the extra $ 100 or $ 200, but there was no need to cut K 1K or higher for a PS5. .

If the console had a bright spot for buyers, not every PS5 and Xbox listed on eBay would actually sell, though some would. In terms of size, the PS5 and the new Xbox each moved 1,000 units on eBay on December 3 alone, but some $ 1,000 PS5 and 50 850 Xbox Series X lists left the clock unsold. (Most of the PS5 digital version and Xbox Series S seemed to be for sale, but fewer of them listed than the disk-based models.)

On the PC side of things, the new Nvidia and AMD graphics cards seem to be in incredibly short distribution by eBay listings. Almost every card I saw found a buyer, saving the most expensive RTX 3090s – even there, there were a few $ 2,400 and, 500 2,500 sales.

Photo by Tom Warren / The Edge

The shortage feels very real: one hundred RTX 3080 cards may have changed hands on December 3rd, there may even be fewer RTX 3070 cards, and only 27 of the new AMD cards were disappointed to eBay buyers that day.

As we have discussed again and again On the edge, All of these products are now practically impossible to buy in the actual store for their retail price. If you & # 39; re lucky and do not have the links or are not willing to pay for bots or scalpels, you will not find one – and Retailers don’t have the right offers to fix it.

We like to think that we have got some fast, enthusiastic contractors from the staff, but many of us Still struggling Find a new GPU, PS5 or Xbox. Every opportunity to buy is another shit show. “Soon” always follows the immediate “out of stock” and if you can get one of our digital shopping carts in the blink of an eye it will most likely disappear before the update. The December 2 release of the Nvidia RTX 3060D is no exception, Retailers failed to start on time, while others went before they actually appeared in stock.

Best Pie A particular delight:

It’s also fun to watch GameStop and NewJek “restart” these products – where “restock” means Raising us in bundles with unwanted additives. Can you criticize them when eBay shows that even those buyers can get the value of their money based on current supply and demand?

This method has been played many times before, and it seems that the presentation will eventually catch on. Usually, these companies do not deliberately create shortages, even though I felt that way in early 2008 when I camped in a frozen best bag parking lot for a whole year on a Nintendo Wii Then That console was launched.

But now we are living in unprecedented times, as companies like Microsoft and Nvidia may be signaling a few months before things end. I can’t remember the holiday season with these multi-mandatory items: Tickle m elmo, Beginner Power Rangers and Nintendo Wii are usually just a system!

I am still leaning towards selling my PS5 on eBay; I like the idea of ​​trading for an AMD RX 6800 as I suggested In my review, But finding that GPU is not easy; Most of the gains I see from selling the console to buy the card on eBay seem to be what I need.

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