The 100 Season 8: Why The Producers Decided To End The Series?

The 100 Season 8

This season, the stakes are higher than ever. Clarke and her friends will be forced to make impossible decisions that could result in their destruction. But they’re not alone in this fight. They have each other, as well as a new ally who may change everything for them.

The previous season of The 100 concluded in early October on The CW, and people in various countries are still waiting for the episodes to be released. This shows that a significant number of people have completed the series and are anticipating season 8 of The 100.

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The producers will be furious. The series will not be renewed for a ninth season, thus the new episodes on Netflix are the final episodes of the hit show. In fact, The 100 was canceled in August 2019 after it was revealed that the series would conclude (very suitably) with its 100th episode.

According to a conversation with show creator Jason Rothenberg, they and its writers had planned to conclude the series after season 7 for the past several years.

The 100 Season 8

There will not be a season 8 of The 100 on Netflix or The CW, but this may not be the final time we see the show’s universe. The 100 Season 7, Episode 8, titled Anaconda, was not only a flashback episode, but also the pilot for a possible new prequel on The CW, HBO Max, or Netflix (as Rothenberg told TVLine ).

According to TVLine, the current working title for this prequel is The 100-Second Dawn, and it would take place two years after the cataclysm that destroyed almost all of humanity (the actual series is set a century later). It’s been teased that the prequel will include a flashback even earlier than the original.

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The showrunner told Collider that ending the original series, for now, was because 100 episodes is a long time to tell the tale of a group of individuals.


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