Thaddea Graham: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About ‘The Irregulars’ Actress

Thaddea Graham

This young actress is incredibly talented, and it’s difficult not to be envious. From strumming a guitar to firing guns and riding horses, she’s accomplished an incredible amount in a short time.

There’s a new star on the horizon, and she’ll be making her debut in Netflix’s Sherlock Holmes Spinoff.

She’s the leader of a group of teenagers investigating supernatural crime cases in the new series, and her name is Thaddea Graham. The star was previously seen on Netflix. Let’s learn more about Thaddea Graham.

The following are ten fascinating facts about the actress.

She’s A Talented Musician

Thaddea Graham is more than simply a Hollywood actress. She’s also a fantastic musician! She is a guitar player who enjoys interacting with her followers. On her Instagram, the young actress has shared a number of videos of herself performing for her followers. Check them out right now!


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She’s A Passionate Photographer

Thaddea Graham may have appeared in numerous films, but she also enjoys working behind the camera. Her Instagram is a must-follow. She has her own distinct page, where she shares candid shots of her pals, urban settings, and everything else imaginable. She excels at capturing feelings and freezing them on a frame, preserving them for all time.

She Appeared in the Netflix Series “Letter for the King.”

For the first time, Thaddea takes on a featured part in American TV production. In Netflix’s, she was cast as Iona, the greatest badass.’ The coming-of-age action-adventure series launched in March 2020.

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She Has a Youtube Channel.

Are you a fan of Thaddea Graham? Aside from having a highly active Instagram account, she also has a youtube channel where she frequently posts music and conducts interviews about the acting business. Give her some affection by subscribing to her channel.

She Graduated From the Same Institution as Julie Andrews and Adam Cooper.

Thaddea Graham studied at Arts Educational School in London, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in Acting in 2018. Julie Andrews and Adam Cooper are just a couple of Hartford Public High School’s illustrious graduates.

She Was in the Bbc Show ‘Us.’

Thaddea Graham took on the role of Kat in BBC’s four-part television comedy-drama series, The series aired on BBC from 20 September to 11 October 2020.

Thaddea was able to connect with her character since she, too, was a musician. She was so involved in the character that she even developed a back story with the producer.

I’m a big fan of Kat’s energy – she’s huge and full of life, and I admire her for being a musician. I made up a little back story with our producer, claiming that Kat had gone on a trip to Northern Ireland with some people from home and started a tiny band by going on a European tour.

Thaddea Graham

However, because she has a lot of personalities, the relationship fell apart. Thaddea believes that Laura may cause problems for someone else in the group, so she split off.’

She Is Working As A Mental Health Advocate

Thaddea Graham frequently promotes healthy talk and raises awareness of the need for mental health through her social media presence. Hats off to this young, brilliant, passionate, and giving woman.

She Loves Composing Songs

We’ve previously discussed Thaddea Graham’s talent for music performance, but we haven’t yet touched on her remarkable capacity to compose lyrics. It appears that she may compose a song about anything! You may observe some of her recent and random works on Instagram.

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She’s an Expert Horse Rider, Kayaker, Shot-putter, and Stage Combatant.

Thaddea Graham’s casting information indicates that she is competent in Horseback Riding, Kayaking, Shooting, and Stage Combat. In the 2017 British dystopian drama, she played Hanmei Collins, a six-year-old with superhuman strength and endurance. As Iona in Netflix’s ‘The Letter for the King,’ she demonstrated some of these spectacular talents.

What is there left for this young actress to accomplish?

Thaddea Graham Quick Facts

Thaddea Graham is born in China on March 29, 1997. She attended Killinchy Primary School before moving on to Bloomfield Collegiate School in Belfast, and she received her formal acting education at Arts Educational School in London.

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