Tammy Hembrow and fiancé Matt Poole had a baby daughter


The new mother of three, who was overdue by more than two weeks, has published a series of personal photographs of her labor and delivery.

On Sunday, well-known fitness expert Tammy Hembrow shared the news that she had given birth to her third child, a “perfect” baby girl.

The young woman, who is 28 years old, and her fiance, Matt Poole, who is 33 years old, announced the happy news and posted a number of personal images on Instagram.

Hembrow shared four pictures on her Instagram account of the “most challenging yet ultimately satisfying thing she’s ever done.”

The mother disclosed that she had an unmedicated VBC2C. She has two additional children from a previous relationship with Reece Hawkins, who is also a parent.

“No words. More on the birth story later. “For the time being, I’m just going to enjoy floating around in my love bubble with my ideal little kid,” she stated.


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In the meantime, Hembrow’s proud fiancé and new father Poole shared a post of his own on social media in which he included images of the couple’s newborn child in the hospital.

He started by saying, “Our little darling, wonderful in every aspect,” referring to his daughter.

“My mother was an amazing woman and she had such resilience. The past twenty-four hours have been nothing short of a roller coaster, but her safe arrival of her into the world has made everything better.

After the couple revealed that their baby had polydactyly, the new father went on to make a comment about his “beautiful” daughter’s 12 fingers. Polydactyly is a disorder that Hembrow, her siblings, and her mother were all born with.

It was announced that the deformity in the newborn’s hand will be surgically corrected immediately after the child is born.

Rumors that Hembrow and Poole had broken up

This birth comes after rumors that Hembrow and Poole had broken up, which were spurred by a message Poole published on Instagram when a follower urged him to “lift his own weight.” The rumor that they had broken up led to the birth of this child.

The comment said, “Matt, not trying to put you down but you really need to step up and pull your weight around…Tammy.” “Not trying to put you down but you really need to step up and pull your weight around…Tammy.”

“It is very clear that she is having trouble completing the activities of daily living, and you are not present to assist her.

Today and yesterday, members of her family were required to accompany her to your property in order to assist her in cleaning the rooms.

The supporter reported to Poole that Hembrow was “passively posting about [him] not assisting her.”

Why can’t you see what everyone else does?

In his response to the comment made on Poole’s Instagram photo, Poole acknowledged that the worry “comes from a good place.”

He told her, “[But] you have ZERO clue what myself and Tammy are going through, nor do you know (or need to know) what is occurring with our relationship.” “[But] you have ZERO ideas what myself and Tammy are going through,” he added.

The father gave the impression that he is no longer residing with the mother, who is the founder of the Saski Collection, and her two children.

“I was in the area there today… You don’t realize that since the only thing you look at is your Instagram feed!

Tammy isn’t even on your list of acquaintances. I don’t know you.”

It’s fine to be a fan of her, but keep your thoughts on our relationship to yourself. I never asked for it, and I don’t want to hear it.

The fitness star posted a video of the couple on Instagram, along with photos of a family supper with her two older children, Wolf, six, and Saskia, five.

The social media post seems to reveal that the couple is still in a relationship.

They announced their pregnancy just a month after Poole proposed to Hembrow in November.

I experienced prior to welcoming Sass into my life

In April, the mother revealed that she was worried that she wouldn’t love her next child as much as she loved Wolf and Saskia before.

The idea that I’ll be meeting her soon is a bit surreal. It’s hardly a secret that I’ve been experiencing some of the anxiety-inducing sensations that I experienced prior to welcoming Sass into my life,” she wrote on Instagram.

“That nagging question of how you could possibly love another person as much as you already do.”

Alternatively, you may feel guilty about having to devote your time and attention to someone else.”

“Emotions galore.”

Asking other mothers if they had gone through the same thing, Hembrow inquired about their experiences.

This emotion will go away as soon as she is here, she remarked, “I know all these feelings are just going to melt away”.

As my love for her grows, I know she was meant for me.


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