Suzy is six years old and survived an attack in Gaza. From the family, only the father remained – news

Six-year-old Suzy Ashkontana woke up alone in the largest hospital in Gaza after rescuers rescued her from the rubble of her home, which was destroyed by an Israeli attack that killed her mother and four siblings. Reuters.

The attack on Ashkontana’s house took place in the same area where an Israeli attack on the tunnel network in Gaza was subjected. The army said that the explosion in the tunnel system caused the aforementioned houses to collapse and resulted in unintended civilian casualties.

Dozens of rescue workers, police officers, family members and neighbors gathered in the wreckage of the house during the search and rescue operation.

After several hours of working under the collapsed walls, the workers began singing “God is Great”. [Deus é grande]Sign of someone resurrecting. Covered in dust, Suzy, too weak to raise her head, cried when she was taken to an ambulance.

At the hospital, doctors confirmed that Suzy was injured, but not seriously injured.

For seven hours, the girl was trapped under the rubble, and at Al-Shifa Hospital, she met again her father, who was being treated for his wounds. After the doctors gathered them together in the family, Riad Eshkontana told her: “Forgive me, daughter. She screamed at me to come to you, but I could not go.”

“I was filled with all the anger of the universe, but when I heard that one of my daughters was alive, I thanked God that this girl could pick up some of my daughters’ smiles – even a little bit – because she is their sister, ”he said.

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Since May 10, the new escalation in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has killed 200 Palestinians, including 59 minors, and more than 1,300 wounded in the Gaza Strip, a Palestinian enclave controlled by the radical Islamist movement Hamas since 2007 and subject to a long Israeli siege. More than a decade ago.

On Sunday, 42 Palestinians were killed, including eight minors and two doctors, during maneuvers launched by Israeli forces.

This was the most dangerous daily balance since the beginning of this new wave of confrontations, according to the local Ministry of Health.

On the Israeli side, at least 10 people, including a child, were killed, and 294 others were wounded by rockets and rocket-propelled grenades from the Gaza Strip.

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